While the offseason is finally here, there seems to have been some recent developments regarding the future of Charlie McAvoy signing with the Boston Bruins. While there were rumours back in February allowing supporters to make the assumption that he wouldn’t stay on, at least not with the right contract offer, after a recent revelation was made, it would appear to be true and that the ice hockey super hero is planning to stay on with the Bruins. So how will this affect NHL betting lines at 888sportsbook?

The star player turned down a long term contract the last offseason which made international headlines. The move came as a shock to most Boston Bruins fans as there are a number of reasons why supporters think McAvoy made a bad move as the team is famed and destined for upcoming winning seasons.

What seemed to have impacted Charlie McAvoy’s decision was upon learning that defenseman, Aaron Ekblad, had just then signed a long term deal which sent him to the Florida Panthers for a period of 8 years and put his estimated worth at $7.5 million on an annual basis. This move made Ekblad one of the highest paid defenseman in the history of the NHL.

Being young, confident and just as talented as Aaron Ekblad, McAvoy felt he was worth more than the offer made by Boston Bruins. With the two players having similar numbers, it would make sense the player felt he should have been paid more.

Now, with the offseason here, there is always talk and new rumours regarding signings. With Charlie McAvoy’s kind of talent, there are many who would see the ice hockey player take a lucrative deal as he has more than proved his worth in the past season. Recently, it was from Charlie McAvoy himself, who told reporters that he would like to stay in Boston ‘forever’, a pretty strong hint at remaining with the Boston Bruins and a ray of hope for McAvoy supporters.

So What Are The Chances?

If you look at the gameplay history of McAvoy, although worth millions, the Bruins might dig their heels in regarding the player’s health. Having missed 27 games this season, due to a lower body injury and having suffered a concussion, this may affect the signing offer. As stated, these are all rumours and only time will tell whether or not McAvoy will remain in Boston as he so desires. The NHL is under heavy observation, the Bruins being as popular as the Boston Red Sox.

The Stats

One thing which will help supporters determine whether or not the Bruins and McAvoy will strike up a mutually beneficial deal is looking at the facts and they are as follows:

·         McAvoy has been playing for 2 years

·         He has managed to accumulate 60 points in these 2 years

·         Played 117 regular season games

·         He has accumulated 16 points in just 41 games played

These statistics proves the thriving potential of the player and leads fans and supporters to believe this is only the beginning of a long time agreement with Boston, another reason to love this American state.