The Number one seed

December is a great time of year in the NFL.  The Patriots could possibly get the number one seed in the NFL even though their star players aren’t playing at 100 percent.  The Kansas City Chiefs have a bit of a distraction with the release of running back Kareem Hunt.  The Chargers came back in the fourth quarter to beat the Steelers and the Patriots can waltz to the number one seed with no problems.  It’s amazing how a team like the Patriots can have an average season and still get the number one seed in the Conference.

The Patriots could still get the number one seed

The Patriots play in Miami Sunday, then it’s the Steelers, Jets, and Bills.  They don’t play well in Miami but the Dolphins will find a way to lose the game.  Then the Steelers, they seem to lose games for themselves lately too.  Pittsburgh completely choked last Sunday night against the Chargers and history will repeat when the Pats play them in two weeks.  The Jets and Bills should be layups and easy wins.  It’s a no-brainer the Patriots have the easiest path to the number one seed.

The Chiefs have a difficult schedule for the next two weeks.  They play the Ravens on Sunday which should be a win for them but then have a quick turnaround and play the following Thursday night against the Chargers.  Those Sunday then Thursday games are tough for obvious reasons, it’s hard playing two games in a week with little or no practice.  Then it gets easier with the Chiefs playing the Seahawks and Raiders to close the season.

The Chargers last four games are the Bengals this Sunday, then Thursday against the Chiefs, and the last two are against the Ravens and the Broncos.  The game of the season for the Chargers and the Chiefs is next Thursday.  Both teams will be tired but it’s a win for the Patriots.  Teams, in general, find ways to lose games to give the Patriots the perfect opportunity for the number one seed.  The Chiefs could lose one more game and the Patriots could get the number one seed which is huge for the potential AFC Championship game be in New England.