It can be said that football is one of the sports that has existed for a long time and attracted the attention of millions of people around the world. The fact of the matter is that the football is known as king sport because of its appeal and its charisma. In terms of entertainment, football is an entertaining sport that connects the hearts of people globally. However, not all of us understand the origin and history of this sport. The following article will give you some necessary information about the history of football and its formation and development.

What is football?

In fact, football also has another name is soccer. It is a team sport played between two different teams with two goalposts on the rectangular ground. If the two teams have the same number of times the ball is put into the opponent’s goal, or no team can do this, the match will end with a draw or two teams will have a penalty shoot-out to decide to win or lose.

In fact, football is “King sport”. Source:

Each team consists of 11 players and each player will play different roles in the team such as midfielder, striker, goalkeeper, centre defender. Besides, each team has few substitute player.

To score goals, a team needs to bring the ball into the opponent’s goal, the players are only allowed to use their feet to move the ball, except for the goalkeeper, no one is allowed to use the hand to catch the ball. By the end of the match, the team that scored more goals will be the winner. It is true to say that football is fast becoming a popular sport because of simple tools and rules, everyone can play in many forms.

According to FIFA statistics, more than 250 million people regularly play football in over 200 countries in 2001. Nowadays, football has gone through many steps to develop its strength to a new level.

Basic rules of football

The players except the goalkeeper are allowed to use any part of the body to play the ball except their arms and hands. In a normal football game, players can play in any position and can bring the ball in any direction on the field, if a player falls into the offside position, this player cannot receive the ball. Based on these basic rules, players often use their feet to perform technical movements such as dribbling, passing the ball to teammates, kicking the ball, with the main purpose is to find a way to put the ball into the opponent’s goalposts and prevent the opponent from putting the ball into the goalpost.

However, players of two teams may collide through ball matches, but they must never make mistakes in the rules of the game such as pushing opponents, playing by hand, etc.

The referee and the referee’s assistant (known as the linesman) are the ones who make sure the ball is made fair and lawful. The referee used a whistle and two types of cards including yellow cards, and red cards; the main referee is responsible for starting, ending or suspending the match.

The referee is responsible for starting, ending or suspending the match. Source:

A football match usually has two halves, each of 45 minutes with a 15-minute break between halves. In fact, players often have to add extra time.

Which country invented football?

In is true to say that for a long time, there were many sports that had similar versions of football but different in terms of techniques, rules, and forms of play held in many parts of the world; one good example for that is harpastum. Many people believe that football originated from England because England was dubbed the homeland of football; but in fact it is not. In fact, England is just a ticketing country for the first football matches.

Besides, according to the FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association). World Football Association, the oldest football version is called Cuju.

Cuju is the ancient Chinese soccer.

Cuju is an ancient Chinese soccer game. Cuju originated in China in the 2nd or 3rd century BC under the Han Dynasty; this sport is also played in many countries such as Japan, Korea, Vietnam, etc. At first it was only played as a physical exercise by the Han army. Later, a number of other primitive football versions began to appear in some countries such as Kemari in Japan, Harpastum in Rome and Episkyros in Greece.

Another, Many ancient sports have a form similar to football such as Calcio Forentino (A sport that is popular in the Florentina region), La soule, Rugby, etc.

The history of football formation through the ages

As mentioned above, football was born around the 2nd or 3rd century BC in China. By the middle of the 19th century, this sport was popular in some schools in England. The first football club was formed in 1824 with the name “The Foot-Ball club” and this club located in Edinburgh, Scotland.

In 1848, the Cambridge Law – the oldest modern football law-was enacted after a meeting of representatives of universities such as Shrewbury, Rugby, Winchester, Eton, Harrow, etc. The meeting was held at Trinity College campus of Cambridge University to agree on new rules for football sport.

In the 1850s, began to form a series of amateur football teams with different rules, the most prominent of which was the Sheffield FC club. This club is also one of the oldest clubs in the world still exists.

However, the fact of the matter is that each club builds itself a separate rules makes it difficult to run the game and cause controversy. Thus, on October 26, 1863, representatives of several London football clubs held a meeting to form the Football Association (FA) with the goal of establishing and managing common rules that apply to all teams. After 5 days of discussion and debate, on December 8, the FA officially announced the complete law of 13 articles.

In 1886, the International Football Association Board (IFAB) was established in Manchester with the participation of representatives from the Scottish Football Association, Football Association of Ireland, Wales and FA. This agency is responsible for managing and monitoring football laws worldwide.

It is possible that football sports began to become more popular and thrive in the early years of the 20th century. Thus, it is necessary to organize a unified agency with the task of overseeing world football matches. There have also been many previous discussions on the establishment of an international agency, but all were unsuccessful.

In May 1904, FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) was established in Paris and the head was Mr. Robert Guerin. Especoally, immediately upon its founding, FIFA announced that it would use and respect the law that the FA has made. In 2008, FIFA had more than 200 members who were representatives from more than 200 countries and territories.

At the present age, football in the world has moved to a more professional level with millions of people watching a match live and billions of people watching through TV channels or network socials. There is no denying that football worthy of the title of “sports king”.

All in all, football is not only the most attractive sport on the planet but also a sport that has a great influence on the sports and society of the nations today and for many years to come.