The Patriots don’t need a top wide receiver to be succesful

The Patriots just won the Super Bowl with Chris Hogan, Phillip Dorsett, and Cordarrelle Patterson. Julian Edelman was the only wide receiver that made a difference. It really came down to Brady, Edelman, and Gronkowski to win the Super Bowl on the offense. In Hogan’s three years in New England, he’s had 12 touchdowns. During the 2018 season he only had three touchdowns, but when Josh Gordon was on the team he didn’t get the ball much. Dorsett has been with the Patriots for two seasons and has three touchdowns. He’s gotten 484 yards in his two years, and really had a better year in 2018 than he did in 2017. As for Patterson, he scored three touchdowns in his first year with the Patriots and had 247 yards.

The Patriots don’t need selfish players

The Patriots have proven over the years they don’t need a big name receiver to win a Super Bowl. They had Randy Moss in 2007 and came up short with having an undefeated season. It also causes a distraction in the locker room to have a selfish guy in there. For example Odell Beckham Jr., Antonio Brown, those guys are all about themselves. While guys like Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola are team players. The Patriots tried to bring in Chad Ochocinco and he was a disaster. He couldn’t get the offense or even connect with Brady. If you can’t connect with Brady you won’t survive in New England.

I don’t see the Patriots bringing Patterson back. But if they bring back Amendola, Edelman, Hogan, and Dorsett they’ll be all set. As for Josh Gordon, he’ll probably find some other team to play for when he gets reinstated, after the Patriots gave him a shot and he’s getting a Super Bowl ring. They don’t need any outside distractions from players who are all about themselves or can’t stay on the field. Gronkowski isn’t going to retire as long as Brady is playing so he’ll be back for 2019. Brady and Belichick can take average talent and make them playmakers on the field.

Antonio Brown is all about himself. Requesting to be traded out of Pittsburgh putting down the team and players. That goes the same for Odell Beckham Jr. The Patriots don’t need those two selfish players on this team when Brady is trying to go for his seventh Super Bowl title.