It’s happening again Patriots fans. When that familiar feeling comes back, when what was old is new again. Do you remember, after the tuck rule game, before the match-up with the Rams? When Vegas thought so little of the Patriots they installed them as 14 point dogs in the Super Bowl? This was when the Patriots were at their ‘us against the world’ best. They lost that mojo, after trainers and spending time with family seemed more important than football. After Jimmy G and Gronk and going up the back stairs to the owner. But the Patriots have it back, and it will carry them to another Championship.

Poor Atlanta

Remember this?

Almost two years ago today, on February 5th 2017, the Patriots found themselves down by 25 points nearing the end of the third quarter against the Altanta Falcons.

The Patriots were favored by 3 in that Super Bowl. By that point, having faced down every possible scenario, it was all old hat. So it took the Pats being down that much, with only a quarter and a few minutes left, to kick it into high gear.

Backs against the wall, that’s when they play their best. Seattle can tell you a bit about this too.

Bulletin Board Material

Another old friend is back en vogue. Coach Belichick is a proven motivator when the timing’s right. And right now the conditions are perfect for the primordial soup of hoodie motivation.

Let’s start here:

Add a touch of this:

And there you have it. According to Vegas, The Patriots are 55% less likely to win the Super Bowl than the Chiefs. This after being the smallest favorite in the Divisional round this past weekend, but winning by the second largest margin.

The Chiefs and Pat Mahomes have been the darlings of the NFL all year. But the Patriots will not buckle under pressure or snow and ice like the Colts did. The Chiefs fumbled twice, loosing one, and had a punt blocked against the Colts. That’s a recipe for failure against a motivated Patriots team.

The Pump Has Been Primed

Tom Brady is giving voice to his motivation, and that of the team:

Over the past few years, this refrain from Brady has been rebuffed by cold, hard facts. The NFL intelligentsia has bestowed “The GOAT” label on Brady, and Best NFL Coach Of All Time to Belichick. But it’s finally true again. Everyone does think they suck. Watch out NFL.

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