The Patriots are ready for the playoffs

The Patriots have secured a bye once again in the playoffs.  They beat a no-show Jets team Sunday and really took care of business to secure the two seed.  What people saw Sunday was an offense and passing game that has been missing all season.  We finally saw Hogan and Dorsett get their turn in the offense over someone that didn’t want to be there.  It’s about time, Hogan and Dorsett have been silent all season.  Gronkowski looked off but he has all season, and it’s questionable if he’ll retire when the season ends.

We can say the Jets aren’t a good team and the Patriots didn’t have to try, but really we saw an offense that has been missing.  They don’t need a deep threat or someone that doesn’t want to be there to distract from the players that want the ball.  Dorsett and Hogan came to life yesterday, and hopefully it carries into the playoffs.

They needed the bye because the Patriots have been missing a step.  Brady hasn’t really been himself.  There definitely were some flaws with this team, having a hard time winning on the road.  However, the teams they lost to didn’t make the playoffs so that’s a plus.

They go into this week to rest up for the Divisional Round a week from Sunday.  They’ll get their treatment and be ready to go for whoever they play.  Maybe Gronkowski will be his normal self in two weeks and make something happen.  But look out for Brady to spread the ball around like yesterday, because there’s no distracting player on the team anymore.  The Patriots are the best at handling distractions, and will handle the absence of a distracting player just fine come playoff time in two weeks.