The Patriots loss last night was worse than the Jacksonville one

Last night’s game for the Patriots was dreadful as they get. The Patriots didn’t get a first down until almost the end of the first half. It’s like the Patriots aren’t together on offense and defense. The Patriots desperately need Julian Edelman back because after Gronkowski, White, and Brady the rest of that offense is nonexistent. Patterson runs the wrong route which makes Brady throw the ball to nobody which then is an intentional grounding penalty. Dorsett can’t get open or he drops passes. Chris Hogan seems like he’s not even on the field, and Gronkowski is double covered so Brady has nobody to throw to.

What’s going on with the ‘Patriot Way?’

There was no excuse to lose that game to the terrible Lions who hate their new head coach. The New York Jets went into Detroit and destroyed the Lions two weeks ago. The Patriots, on the other hand, couldn’t do the same with the best quarterback in the game. Why? Because the receivers are weak and the running game besides James White is awful too. Sony Michel is a disappointment so far. I know he’s a rookie but things would be different if they had Dion Lewis and Danny Amendola to help the offense. Someone that can catch the ball would also be nice.

Patrick Chung and Trey Flowers were big losses last night, however as a whole they need to get better on defense or they won’t beat anybody. Gronkowski talking about how the reports were true about him only wanting to play with Brady. That’s fine however what happened to ‘that’s in the past I’m focused on this season.’ Now there’s some pressure on the Patriots to win in week 4 against the Miami Dolphins. If they fall to 1-3 you won’t hear the end of the drama in Foxborough. This loss seems different than last week to Jacksonville and Kansas City in 2014 they don’t seem together or on the same page. When Edelman comes back, maybe the offense will have some life.