The New England Patriots have started the season off badly, losing three of their first two games, including their most recent home game against the Ravens. The 26-37 loss was made even worse by the fact that they also lost Mac Jones, their starting quarterback, to a bad injury. Current reports suggest that Jones, who achieved a 92.5% passing rating last season for the Patriots, will likely have to undergo surgery.

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Although it’s been a rough start to the season, New England Patriots fans will still be hoping their team can turn things around. Their win over the Steelers shows that this team can still compete in the AFC East, and there’s a long way to go before the playoffs yet. While Jones will be a big loss, they still have a good chance of making the playoffs once again. You can bet on the Patriots and the NFL season at Betway, with odds on all games and NFL futures.

Mac Jones Injury

Doctors have determined that Mac Jones, the quarterback for the New England Patriots, has a significant high ankle sprain, which would require surgery in most cases. The 24 year old was in a lot of pain when leaving the field against the Ravens, but he refused to be disheartened by the injury. In interviews after the game, he said he would be taking his recovery day by day and leaving his return in the hands of head coach Belichick.

The Patriots’ primary backup quarterback is the seasoned Brian Hoyer, while Western Kentucky’s Bailey Zappe, who was selected in the fourth round, has been the team’s third choice. The longest active run in the NFL is held by Hoyer’s 11 losses in a row (from 2016 to 2020). The Packers, meanwhile, have won 14 straight at home during the regular season, which is the longest active streak.

Losing Jones will be a big loss for the Patriots, especially with Hoyer as the first-choice backup. Patriot fans will be hoping that Jones can avoid surgery and return to the field shortly, especially if they have dreams of reaching the playoffs this season.

Can the Patriots Still Reach the Playoffs

Two losses in three games isn’t the best start to a season, but it’s not the worst either. Provided Jones doesn’t have a serious long-term injury, there’s no reason why the Patriots can’t still come back and make the playoffs. According to the latest statistical models, the Patriots have a 30% chance of making the postseason. However, there’s a long time between now and January and plenty of games to play.

A lot can happen that can still increase their chances, and it’s hard to count them out. They have Bill Belichick, widely regarded as one of the greatest football coaches of all time, in charge and plenty of talent throughout the roster. In 2020, the first year without Brady under Belichick, New England did not advance to the postseason. But that uncertainty must be gone now after seeing Belichick lead the Pats to a 10-7 record and playoff participation last season with a rookie QB.

Mac Jones is an important player for the Patriots and was tipped by some to be this season’s MVP. Even if he doesn’t stay healthy, there are still lots of other exciting talents, such as cornerback Malcolm Butler and defensive tackle Christian Barmore. Provided Belichick can get the most out of the Patriot’s offensive line, this team has a really solid chance of making the playoffs once more.