Free Agency in the NFL had a big first day


Free agency started in the NFL today, and the Patriots subtracted instead of adding. They did trade for defensive lineman Michael Bennett on Friday from the Eagles, but lost Trent Brown and Trey Flowers yesterday. On the first day, it was the Lions making moves, while the Patriots lost some defensive playmakers. However, because of their success, they can add and subtract all they want, because as long as Belichick and Brady are on the team they make the Super Bowl year after year.

The Patriots seem to still make Super Bowl’s with average talent and make them great

The Patriots for some reason bring in average talent and turn them into elite players. It must be the winning style and how Belichick coaches. Also with the way Brady prepares and takes the game seriously. Even though they finished the regular season 11-5, they still went on to win the Super Bowl. Proving Belichick can be on a island during free agency, while other teams are singing players, and the Patriots will still make the Super Bowl. It does sound arrogant, but it’s a known fact when nobody can stop them in the playoffs.

Everything Belichick does is part of what is best for the team. From trading players, to benching Malcolm Butler in the Super Bowl, Belichick because of his success can do no wrong. When we look back at a year ago there was no talk of the Patriots ever making a Super Bowl again in the Brady Belichick era. Once again with no good receivers, and Edelman coming back from an injury and suspension. The defense was questionable, and there was a lot of Rob Gronkowski drama.

They’ve earned everything they have. Belichick makes sure the players put in the work day in and day out. Belichick isn’t known for giving raises, he only cares about winning championships. Trey Flowers, Trent Brown, Danny Amendola, they can go get their payday on other teams. But when it comes to playoff time they’ll be on the couch watching their old team the Patriots making a run at another Super Bowl title.