Carlos Castillo Diaz, popularly known as Charlie Diaz, is a 19-year-old up-and-comer in the turf of TikTok stars. He emerged as a social media influencer in June 2020. Soon after, Diaz was entertaining more than 132K followers on his TikTok Channel. His videos have over 4.3 million likes in just a span of a few months. He is an exceptionally gifted individual, who has been affiliated with many fields in his life. He is pursuing a degree in law and sociology from the California State University. Alongside, he has also enjoyed a lucrative career while playing soccer. Since his childhood, he had been interested in sports and played soccer at the Central Coast Condors club. In his sophomore year, he was nominated for second team all-league. He was also awarded the title of MVP in 2017 in tennis. By 2019, Diaz was serving as a team captain for both soccer and tennis teams. He has also bagged the title of MVP in the both the sports.

At such a young age, Diaz has impressed a team of audience with his extraordinary skills of making videos at times with just his iPhone 12 Extra Pro Max. Diaz creates content for the sole purpose of entertainment; as he strongly believes that entertainment helps people divert their minds from the everyday pressure of lives. He creatively makes use of song lyrics and comes up with funny recordings. His lip-synced and musical videos have tossed him to TikTok’s hall of fame. All his videos receive great commendation and gets shared on many platforms. Diaz also receives thousands of comments that encourage him to continue making and sharing his content. Charlie Diaz is new to the stardom but has successfully carved a niche for him. He is amongst the stars, who are geared up for a path of triumph ahead of them.

Instagram: @Ccdiaz12

Tiktok: @Charlieediaz

Twitter: @Charlieediaz