It would be hard for anyone to dispute the fact that soccer has come a long way in America. Heck, today soccer is considered the most popular sport in the world. Social media is another popular activity that people are partaking in daily. Everyone from the president of the United States to the grandmother next door is now taking advantage of social media and everything that it has to offer. So what happens when you combine these two ultra-popular things? You are going to get massive followings with huge eventual outcomes. With the number of soccer teams out there it is hard to say which are making the biggest impact on social media, but there are just a few that do stand ahead of the pack.


You can dig as far back as you want through the history of soccer and you are always going to find Barcelona mentioned. They have without a doubt been at the forefront of this beautiful game for a number of years now. And, a lot of this has to do with their recruited talent. It is the current Argentinian resident Lionel Messi that is garnering the most attention. This guy has just about literally broken every record that there is to break. When the Barcelona stars aren’t on the field awing the fans they are on social media sharing news and pics of their ventures to new and exciting places. Sign up and keep in touch with your favorites as they travel from destination to destination.

Bayern Munich

No one can deny that the Bavarian has been a dominant force in German soccer for the past decade or so. And, the best part is that they don’t show any signs of slowing down any time soon. There is no denying that they had somewhat of an inconsistent start to the season, but things have picked up for the team. It could have been the long winter break. It could have been a good pep talk, whatever the situation is, the team promised on social media that they would be leading the way come mid-January and they are more than well on their way to doing just that. The club recently hosted a major event that they advertised all across many social media platforms.

And, it was a complete success. The club got fans and students involved in everything from virtual reality to augmented reality. Anyone that plays online baccarat can appreciate the significance and importance of these two major upcoming technologies and the impact that they are going to have on the world.


Since the turn of the decade, it has been the Old Lady that has been leading the way for the Italians. With six league titles in a row under their belts, it is hard to see how they came up short in the previous European competition. Despite this setback, it certainly didn’t affect their social media campaign. Midfielder Claudio Marchisio recently took to social media and underwent a tough interrogation from a selection of Junior Members, which all ranged from the ages of 5 to 11. This was certainly quite an interesting venture, but it turned out well for all parties involved.