The Patriots are in a good place heading into the playoffs

Last season when Jimmy Garoppolo was traded, Bill Belichick took so much heat for it. Now, as we fast forward a year later, the Patriots are going to the playoffs and the San Francisco 49ER’S are watching from home. The notion that Belichick and Brady were at odds with each other stopped after Garoppolo was injured earlier this season. Garoppolo’s season-ending injury ended the rift between Belichick and Brady. It also ended the talk of any off the field drama surrounding the team.

Patriots could host the AFC Championship Game

A year ago the Patriots were going into the playoffs with so much drama off the field. It seemed like more people were talking about relationships than actual football. Fast forward a year later and there are football problems with this team going into the playoffs, which is better than off-field drama. There’s less talent on this team then there was a year ago, but that doesn’t mean they can’t make a run. The AFC is wide open. Things could happen and they may host the AFC Championship Game again.

There is talk like last year of Josh McDaniels talking to different teams. But really he’s not going anywhere as long as Brady is the quarterback. He’s keeping his options open, but at the end of the day he’s staying in New England. Now, if Garoppolo had a decent season this year who knows if there would be tension like last year in New England. That is now old news until Garoppolo takes a snap in 2019.

With less drama around the team the focus is now on football and what they can do to be better. Edelman, Dorsett, Hogan, and Patterson will all have to step up. Brady will have to spread the ball around, and Michel and White will make the running game work. Gronkowski can be used as a blocker, as he’s been off all season. Get ready for another great playoff run by the Patriots without the off-field drama.