The coronavirus (COVID-19) has swept the entire world, and it’s now even beginning to spread in Australian, giving residents cause for concern.

It’s changed how everyone lives their daily life, with people being forced to wash their hands quite often, whether they go to the bathroom or not. Not only that, it’s also resulting in them limiting where they might go each day, especially if they’re going somewhere indoors, where they’ll be in close proximity to other people. Some are even self-quarantining themselves for 1-14 days, refusing to leave their house, because they’re either worried about getting infected, or have been exposed to someone who was.

COVID-19 has had a major impact on sports leagues around the world, and especially in Australia. There have now been over 200 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the country, and leagues are doing their best to make sure that number doesn’t increase precipitously as a result of anything they’re doing.

The National Rugby League, in particular, has been having matches played in closed stadiums — without fans in attendance. Not only that, the NRL is considering having matches played in one single location, to prevent issues that could come about with traveling.

And they’re not alone, either.

The 2020 Formula One season won’t start until at least May, and the Australian Grand Prix, which was scheduled to take place on March 15 in Melbourne, Victoria, has been cancelled.

Obviously, Australian sports fans have been upset about the news, as Formula 1 is huge in the country, and they were very excited to have the F1 season begin in their home soil, as that was scheduled to be the first race.

Tennis (the ATP) and other leagues popular in Australia have followed suit, suspending or cancelling action as well.

The good news is that there are still some sports leagues that are playing — albeit in closed stadiums — so fans can watch, as well as bet on the matches, using casino sites that accept PayPal. Cricket is still being played, as Cricket Australia matches will be played without fans, but they’ll still be taking place.

Not only that, the National Basketball League will still be playing its games as well — being closed doors, though.

So if you’re in Australia and looking to get your sports fix, just know that while it may seem like there isn’t much to watch and enjoy, there are some leagues that are still operating as scheduled — just without fans in attendance.