Los Angeles Lakers will finally be able to get in line for what they are fighting for, as the Playoffs solidifies, the NBA Championship.

The Lakers will be getting to action in the West Conference, and they will be facing off against Portland Trail Blazers on Wednesday. As the Frank Vogel team will be trying to get their best bet from the NBA to integrate into the Playoffs, it is only natural for them to play wholeheartedly in their upcoming games.

We will be looking at three reasons Los Angeles Lakers might be taking the home championship at the end of this Playoff campaign, several online casino america is providing interesting odds for it… 


1. A Tribute to Legend Kobe Bryant


One of the reasons to get the Frank Vogel team fired up to win the NBA Championship will be to claim it as a proper tribute for Kobe Bryant.

Bryant is arguably the best NBA player of the 2000s era, if not “of all time”, and has been seen as an idol for many players in the Basketball game. Kobe is an LA Lakers legend, just like Kyle Kuzma, Quinn Cook, LeBron James, and others. This year has proved to be intense and filled with tragedies, loss, and lots of uncertainty.

Yet, the pain shared by the Lakers’ players, coach, and their millions of fans can prove to be their biggest driving force in their pursuit for the Championship glory, as a tribute to their legend.

2. For Redemption

Some players on the Frank Vogel’s team will be taking this campaign as a chance to redeem themselves from blunders they have committed before. For blunders made two years ago, JR Smith will have a chance to redeem him of those mistakes.

Also, Dion Waiters, who has been said to be an immature and temperamental player, will be having a chance to also clear his name for all these allegations this campaign. Likewise, Dwight Howard will be expected to put up an impressive performance for the team after parting ways with the club with one season spent.

3. Championship History

In the entire roster, the Los Angeles Lakers have lifted nine Championships to their name. Their high number of championship campaign that the team has claimed can come in handy for them when they faced off other teams, with top online casino giving fans a chance to also become a winner when they gamble.

Their championship pedigree will see the team flexible, smart, and adaptable especially when they are being pressured and under tension. Elites like LeBron James and Rajon Rondo can help to calm the players down when it comes to these situations.

With these three reasons, it will not be overdo to claim that the LA Lakers have a chance at securing the trophy to round up 2020 with smiles on their faces. But the probability of them winning the trophy will depend on the situations they face and how they tend to respond to it.