Horse racing is a much-loved activity among adventure sports lovers. There are a number of horse riders who enjoy it as a leisure activity; then there are others who take the sport quite seriously. A sport dating back to the 17th century, horse racing has now become a popular game, with increasing number of female jockeys as well.

The decision to take up horse racing as a career must be based on certain criteria, provided all the basic requirements are taken care of. Your love for working with horses, sense of balance, body weight, age, steady nerves and competitiveness will decide your career in horse racing. While there is no specific height requirement, the height of an average jockey ranges between 4 feet 10 inches and 5 feet 6 inches. As per the Australian horse racing rules, a jockey’s body weight (including that of the saddle) should be between 53 kg and 54 kg. Furthermore, it’s not an easy task to control a heavy-weight animal in this weight range. Therefore, it’s a given that a jockey should be physically and mentally fit in order to handle pressure and make the right decisions when racing at about 40 miles per hour.

So what are the things you need to do in order to get into horse racing and be the best from the rest?    

1. Find a Training Program – The very first thing to do is to enrol in a training program and strive to learn skills of horsemanship. From gathering skills about racing to getting fitness training and understanding sports psychology to building the right attitude for your racing career, training can teach you much more than the A, B, C’s of becoming a professional jockey. Another important tip here would be to maintain a good friendship with your professional trainer. A strong bond with your trainer will be a plus point for you in that he/she will guide you along the way and bring out the professional rider in you.

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2. Start from Scratch – You might have always enjoyed horse rides and even aced the sport, but if you’re on your way towards building a career out of it, that wouldn’t be enough. Study more about the different kinds of horses and their abilities; about the kinds of races and race courses. Then there are examples of passionate horse riders who get out there and start by volunteering in the barn. Grooming the horses, getting to know their behaviour and working hard behind the scenes are a great way to kick-start your career as a jockey.

3. Build More Love for Horses – You should know that a career with horses is not for everyone. It demands good health, ability to take risks, waking up before sunrise, the passion to win each time and much more. You ought to have immense love for horses, which will itself drive you towards your goal. You must also learn the character of a horse and understand which one will bring you a winning race.   

4. Follow a Healthy Diet – Like I mentioned earlier, maintaining a balanced diet and the right weight is crucial for someone who dreams of being a jockey. While some people naturally fall within the required weight range, others may have to follow a strict diet and exercise regime. A disciplined workout program will also improve your overall stamina, flexibility and ability to direct any kind of pressure in the right direction.

5. Learn from Failures – The only way to ace at something is by willing to fail miserably. You ought to ride more horses, fall, fail and get back up again no matter how painful it gets. With every fall, comes a lesson that will make you stronger; so the next time you ride, you would have only gotten better. Risks and dangers are inevitable, but that shouldn’t keep you from achieving your lifelong dream. So ride more, practice more, learn the tricks and tactics, and finally see yourself winning every hurdle.

6. Get a Jockey License – Last but not the least, every professional jockey must get a jockey license. The pre-requisite to getting a jockey license varies from one region to another. You may be required to showcase your racetrack knowledge and riding skills to the officials for getting a license. Once you own a jockey license, you will be a ‘journeyman jockey’ and ready to hit the racetrack for your very first race.

Anybody who is willing to strive and fight all odds can turn out to be a top-class jockey. If you have an undying spirit and urge to achieve your goals, nothing can stop you from being a winner. These simple tips will help you in your journey of becoming a professional jockey. Prepare for your next big race with the best accessories, clothing and equipments by shopping during the amazing Click Frenzy sale.