Tom Brady Silencing the Drama

The final episode of Tom V Time has told us one thing. Tom Brady doesn’t care what anybody says. He’s playing until he’s 45 and that’s it. Brady also confirmed that he hasn’t been having fun playing football and that every team has issues. However, the drama around the team according to him has been blown out of proportion. Also, when he doesn’t win a Super Bowl, he gets frustrated just like anyone would. The greatest quarterback of all time is frustrated with the nonsense rumors surrounding the team. He put away any doubt that he isn’t ready for this season and wants to play until he’s 45 years old.

Five More Years

Will he last until 45 playing in New England? My opinion is yes, as long as Robert Kraft keeps him here and keeps him satisfied with the people around him. It’s Tom Brady and everybody else. He is and always will be bigger than the whole team. He didn’t like how the situation with Garoppolo was going to happen. We’ve heard it a thousand times. Belichick wanted to keep both quarterbacks but the money wasn’t there to keep both. Brady is also promoting his TB12 brand. By playing until 45 he can get people to learn his product and train like him so they can feel younger, too.

Brady has felt different since Garoppolo was traded. However, his determination hasn’t changed about wanting to play. He really put all the drama to bed so the main focus can be football. With the season starting on Sunday, Brady’s timing of releasing this five minutes of talking about the nonsense was to put away any doubt. Brady will not stop playing at the end of his contract.

I must admit I was wrong. Kraft would do whatever he can to keep Brady so he retires a Patriot. Playing until 45 is going to be hard to do. But Brady thinks he can do it. I say go for it, but draft a backup just in case he takes a hit and he’s out. Brady will be Brady. He will do what’s best for him which is doing something nobody has done before. That is to play at a high level at the age of 45.