Tom Brady Felt Rusty In His First Preseason Game

Tom Brady missed all offseason voluntary workouts but did attend minicamp. Brady also went to training camp a few days early. With Julian Edelman out the first four games of the season, the wide receiving group is struggling to connect with Brady. On Thursday Brady’s time on the field consisted of throwing passes to James White, Julian Edelman, and Chris Hogan. He did not throw a pass to Eric Decker or Cordarrelle Patterson. The connection between Brady and Decker has been especially troublesome, as he’s dropped a lot of passes during training camp.


Tom Brady has been reported to being rusty during training camp. On Thursday he looked sharp throwing to the receivers he feels comfortable with. However, according to Brady, he felt rusty. Brady told WEEI this morning that he felt rusty because it was his first game since the Super Bowl. Without the joint practices, the preseason games provide key opportunities. Especially with Brady missing the offseason workouts the preseason provides him with the opportunity to get the workouts in he would’ve gotten had he attended.

Tom Brady Behind With His New Receivers

It seems like Tom Brady is behind which could be a cause for concern as the season approaches fast. Cordarrelle Patterson or Eric Decker is going to have to step it up. One of them will have to be a key factor besides Chris Hogan and Rob Gronkowski. Kenny Britt was on the practice field yesterday but is still recovering from a hamstring injury. Britt told reporters on Sunday that he’s behind.

“I definitely feel like I’m behind, because I’m not out there with the guys, getting the chemistry I need with the quarterbacks, and getting on the same page with everyone.”

Overall this is not a good look. If Hogan, Edelman, or Gronkowski get hurt the Patriots could be in for a bumpy start to the season. Brady will play at a high level but if his new receivers can’t catch the ball you’ll be seeing a very frustrated Tom Brady.