The Bizarre Offseason

Courtesy of Jim Rogash

There is no question that this offseason for the Patriots has been the most bizarre offseason in 18 years. It began immediately after the Super Bowl up until Tom Brady skipping OTA’s. It was reported last week by Greg Bedard of the Boston Sports Journal that Belichick is upset that Robert Kraft is intervening in football decisions. Then, it was reported by Karen Guergian of the Boston Herald that Brady had a say in bringing back Josh McDaniels.

Brady Overstepping His Boundaries?

Guergian wrote “As for Belichick, he is reportedly irritated because he believes Brady tugged on (owner) Robert Kraft to make moves (Jimmy Garoppolo, Josh McDaniels) which ultimately forced Belichick’s hand.  My sources confirm Brady had a hand in bringing McDaniels back at the 11th hour, after the latter was headed to Indianapolis to be the Colts coach.”

In my opinion, this will be Bill Belichick’s last season with the Patriots and he’ll retire. Once Belichick found out Brady had a say again in a football decision, it was all over from there. Belichick is now preparing the team so it’s decent when Josh McDaniels takes over next season as the head coach. Josh McDaniels needed to know what his status was going to be with the Patriots before he came back. Once McDaniels found out he’d be the successor , the right decision was to come back to Foxoborough.

The End is Near

This also gives Tom Brady a year under Josh McDaniels before he too retires. There’s no way Brady is playing until age 45. While Brady is excited to begin his 18th season on the Patriots, posting on Instagram that he’ll play until age 45 is for the fans. In reality, he’s likely going to retire at the end of the 2019 NFL season. Enjoy the final two years because the end is coming sooner rather than later. Go check out his interview with Oprah if you don’t believe me.