Tom Brady hints that he is frustrated

Via Tom Brady’s Instagram

Things aren’t so great In Foxborough, and it shows with the slow start. For the first time publicly, Tom Brady is frustrated with the team especially the offense. The Patriots have had slow starts before like the 2014 loss to Kansas City. Kansas City is a tough place to play and the Patriots responded the next week beating the Bengals. They also had a much better defense that season with Revis and won the Super Bowl. The week two loss to Jacksonville was a rematch of the AFC Championship game, and the Patriots couldn’t get anything going on offense against a tough Jaguar defense.

 With losing Amendola, Cooks, and Dion Lewis, the Patriots lost 2,637 yards.

However, this past off-season has been a strange one. The question is was Bill Belichick in rebuilding mode this off-season? He lets one of Brady’s best target in the AFC Championship game Danny Amendola who had 61 catches last season for 659 yards walk to get more money with the Dolphins. Second, he gets rid of Dion Lewis who rushed for 896 yards and six touchdowns last season. Third, he lets Brady’s left tackle go to the New York Giants in Nate Solder. Fourth, he let Brandin Cooks walk who last season had 65 catches for 1,082 yards. Since the league year started they’ve had 25 receiver transactions the latest is Cleveland Brown Josh Gordon.

With Brady still, here you can’t build for the future you have to get players to win now.

Brady has every right to be frustrated. Belichick didn’t replace anybody remotely close to the talent they had last season to what they have now. Patterson runs the wrong routes and can’t connect with Brady. Dorsett is average at best and also is having a hard time connecting with Brady. For the 2018 NFL draft class, the Patriots have six players on the IR. Danny Etling is on the practice squad and Michel can’t understand the playbook which is frustrating Brady. Brady admitted he wanted White in the game plan more after the loss in Detroit

The Patriots had a bad receiver core in 2006 with Jabar Gaffney and Reche Caldwell but at least those two could catch and connect with Brady. I really think Belichick is in rebuilding mode trying to get as much draft picks as he can. He almost traded Gronkowski to the Lions for draft picks. Belichick thrives in doing what’s best for the team to win now. However, it doesn’t feel like he built a team to win now. It feels like he wants to win years from now with the team they have which is frustrating to Brady. Brady wants talent around him and right now it’s very weak and worse than the 2006 group of receivers. Brady’s Instagram post yesterday says it all “it’s not one thing… It’s everything.” Hopefully, the issues get worked out soon or a frustrated Brady could get ugly.