Tom Brady proved that his age is just the number and his NO-12 would still sell. NFL Players Association had released a report which was filed to the Department of labor that revealed about Brady that he led the NFL league in terms of royalties earned. He earned worth $2.35 million in the last season. The report would tell us how much each player of the NFL had made from the group listings. 

The group may consist of either six or more number of players. It has been noticed that maximum profits have been made by selling jersey of Nike, trading card sales and the video games. When you look at Brandy’s earnings it doesn’t include his own endorsements. The various endorsements of his own include Ugg to Aston Martin and Under Armour. Russ Spielman who is the Sports Marketing President at the GSE Worldwide said that it is amazing to see that there are a huge number of patriot’s fans who are willing to own his jersey. When it comes to who would earn more royalties along with the various NFL players then it is definitely Tom Brady who is still the top in the list. He has a huge fan following and his fans would love to get his signature. He had played around 9 super bowls out of which he had won 6 which is maximum any football player would ever win. 

Though Brady is one of the oldest quarterbacks in NFL, he is still popular among the younger generations and his popularity continues. He made around $2.5 million royalties in the last season and in 2018 NFL season his jersey sale was on the top. Dak Prescott who came second had earned $2 million that was included in NFLPA’S list. The third position was Antonio Browns who earned $1.5 million. 

Though many players earn money by playing live casino games, Tom Brady is a star due to his fantastic playing skills. According to the Forbes magazine, they have listed out the 100 who make more than that of the Patriots QB. They have detailed about the top 100 players who actually have the highest earnings in all the sports in the annual list of Worlds highly paid athletes. The list has been made considering their total earnings which will be broken by winnings or salary and the endorsements which they have been part of. 

The list reveals that four Boston athletes had actually earned more than that of Tom Brady. 

Out of 10 sports and 25 different countries, FC Barcelona forward Lionel Messi stood at the top position with $127 million, while his fellow footballers Cristiano Ronaldo obtained second with $109 million and Neymar was at the third with $94 million. You can even find several others who would be included in the top 10 like Canelo Alvarez, Steph Curry, Russell Wilson, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Roger Federer, and Aaron Rodgers. 

Though Boston has 6 athletes who were ranked among the best-paid players in the world, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has been ranked at the bottom of the pack at no 81 though he had the super bowl rings. He actually earned around $27 million in the year 2018 while his endorsement was worth $12 million and a salary of $15 million per year. He was one among the highest paid quarterbacks with a total net worth of $180 million was estimated in the year 2018 and was considered to be one of the wealthiest athletes. But he was not considered to be the best-paid athlete in New England.

The following are the money makers who had earned more than Tom Brady.

Kyrie Irving: $43.3 million earnings:

In Boston Kyrie Irving is the highest paid athlete in the current scenario. He is earning around $20.3 million in salary and making $23 million out of his endorsements. They have several brand endorsements that they make every year. This year he had endorsements with the most successful shoe deal i.e. Nike which has come up with a variety of signature sneakers like the Future is Female and Cereal Pack. He was also on the cover of the NBA’S 2K video game and he also released even a feature film known as Uncle Drew.

Gordon Hayward: $31.3 million earnings: 

 He had signed up a free agent contract with Celtics which has got a total net worth of $128 million which is for 4 years period and is the 6th highest in NBA. When you look at his ventures that are off the court, it would include shoe deal with Anta, the gaming chair through a partnership along with AutoFull Global as well as his endorsement with the Esport gaming company Hyper X. The total worth of his endorsements can be considered to be around $3 million in total.

Al Horford: $32 million:

When you look at his past season, he was the highest salaried person of any center in NBA with $29 million. In between, he has to decide on whether he would go for the $30 million deal with C’s which would be for four years by the end of June month, the contract which was signed in the year 2016. He also used to earn around $3 million out of his individual endorsements. Earlier he was playing with Atlanta Hawks for past 9 years. He was the one who had helped Florida Gators to get them back to back NCAA titles. 

David Price: $ 31.7 million earning:

David Price had signed an important $217 million contract which was with Red Sox in the year 2015. It was known to be one of the richest deals in the baseball ever for a pitcher. After winning the last world services 2018, he had decided not to use opt-out clause with Sox last season. It is not the first time that he was on the list. He was ranked in the year 2017 as well as 2018 with an average salary of about $30.7 million per year. The endorsements values were around $950k and he got his place again his year too. The Sox teammate J.D Martinez had made Forbes list in this year. He was ranked as number 94 with total earnings of $25.6 million.