Brady Planning For Life After Football

Tom Brady has been distant this offseason and doing training at TB12. Tom Brady revealed to Oprah that the end is sooner rather than later. He realizes since he got his way with Garoppolo being traded and has won five Super Bowls, it’s time to focus on his family. Oprah misread what Tom Brady meant when he said at the end of his documentary Tom vs. Time. He had said, “Why are we doing this, what are we doing this for.” It had nothing to do with him spiritually as much as it did that Garoppolo was no longer a Patriot and Brady’s job wasn’t in jeopardy.

Tom Brady Wants To Play For Josh McDaniels As Head Coach

Tom wants one year with Josh McDaniels as head coach. Then he’ll ride off into the sunset with his head held high and five or six Super Bowl rings.¬† Tom Brady has accomplished so much in his almost 20 years in New England. Some fans might be upset because he went back on what he said. Jimmy Garoppolo wasn’t on the team anymore. It’s fine if he wants to retire, but he shouldn’t put that he wants to play until he’s 45 when Garoppolo is here and then talks about family and spending more time with them when Jimmy’s gone.

Some Patriot fans don’t want to see the reality and think that Tom Brady can do no wrong. All this skipping out on voluntary workouts was very unusual for Tom Brady. He always talked about how the OTAs were so important in preparation. The end is near, and Brady will play out his contract and then retire. Brady has a year left with Bill Belichick and a year with Josh McDaniels. Then, Danny Etling will be at quarterback with McDaniels as head coach in 2020. Enjoy the short break the Patriots have now. Once training camp starts, things will be heating up.