Tom Terrific’s Documentary

Earlier this week Tom Brady released a trailer for a documentary series on Facebook Watch called “Tom vs. Time”. The trailer features Brady saying, “There’s a warrior spirit about me”, and there is speculation that the documentary will be all about the Patriots. Some who believe that Brady is only thinking about himself instead of his team. Is he preparing his life after football with his TB12 brand?

Selling the TB12 Method

Brady has released a book, a special meal plan, and workout plan. Forty is the new thirty with the TB12 method. Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time, and the reason why he’s still playing is because he wants to prove that even at forty he still can play football at a high level. So why stop now? Brady wouldn’t talk about his documentary during today’s press conference saying, “This is about Tennessee. We’re two days from the biggest game of the year”.

Brady Focused on the Playoffs

Tom Brady is locked in on the playoffs. It’s what is best for the team. His TB12 brand is important to him, and will probably develop into something more after he retires from football. Some people say that Brady is just doing the documentary so he can sell something.

Shannon Sharpe said on his show ‘Undisputed’,

“Now he wants to offer us a glimpse inside of Tom Brady? What’s he selling? People will always open up if they pitch him something. Got a book, got a movie, in this case got a documentary series. Really Tom Brady? You spent the better part of 18 years being private, it wasn’t until you started promoting these health and wellness centers, the TB12 method, now all of a sudden you want to open up. I want to show you what’s in my refrigerator. He wants to open up only after he started to pitch something. So what happened to Year 10, why didn’t he open up? What happened to Year 15, why didn’t he open up? Now as he starts to move past it, he’s not playing to 45, he wants to prop up this TB12.”

Ignoring the Noise

Sharpe and many others believe that Brady is more about selling his brand than being loyal to the Patriots this year. Patriots fans don’t think that’s true. He is focused on the playoffs. However he really has to start thinking about what he is doing after football. He will be forty-one in August and his TB12 method has worked for him, so why not sell the product? At least he has a plan for what might come next.