Everyday Is Something with the Patriots

The Patriots seem to still be making headlines because of their drama. The latest flame in the fire comes from Tom Brady. Brady did an interview with Jim Gray at the Milken Institute Global Conference and was asked about if he felt appreciated by the Patriots. Brady swiftly answered with, “I plead the fifth”. Second, he was asked about the Super Bowl loss his response was “last year sucked”. I can’t really he blame him there because they could’ve won had Belichick put in the one guy on defense that could’ve turned the game around. Instead, he put it all on Tom and the offense.

Tom Brady Is the Leader of the Pack

The plead the fifth comment though was uncalled for. There is really something going on, because Tom isn’t the only one speaking this way about Belichick. My question is what happened to the Patriot Way? It used to be everything was kept in the locker room and nothing got out. The players were coached to tell the media little as possible. That ship seems to have sailed, and it looks like Tom Brady is the leader of the pack. Brady got his way when Garoppolo was traded, but that’s still not enough. He wants Alex Guerrero in the locker room too. For Brady to feel unappreciated and tell Jim Gray he pleads the fifth is a complete diva and selfish move.

Tom Brady has five heads. I believe Tom Brady is bigger than Belichick when it comes to Robert Kraft. It’s like when a kid goes to the parent that lets them do what they want. Then the other parent gets mad because the nicer one lets the kid go out. Which is what Brady did to Kraft about Brady telling Kraft to make Belichick trade Garoppolo.

Belichick then said Guerrero couldn’t be in the locker room as punishment. Now, Brady is getting his own teammates current and former on his side. At the end of the day, he knows he’s bigger than the team and he’ll say and do whatever he wants. He doesn’t care what Belichick has to say. If I’m Belichick I’d leave after this season, which is what I continue to believe is happening.

Brady Talks About His Relationship With Bill Belichick

At the end of the day, Tom Brady respects Belichick as a coach. His quote to Jim Gray yesterday about his relationship with Belichick was,”He’s very respectful to me, We’ve had a great relationship. A very respectful relationship for a long time and I feel like he’s the best coach in the history of the NFL.”

Brady went on to say “He would say, ‘look, I’m not the easiest coach to play for’ and I agree, he’s not the easiest coach to play for, but he’s the best for me. I think what he’s proven is that whatever talent that he has he maximizes talent. I mean what more can you ask of a coach than that? That what I want as a player. Belichick is an incredible coach. He’s been an incredible mentor for me. He’s taught me so much football Like I said, being a 22-year old kid to come and learn from him, I mean I wouldn’t be sitting here without his coaching.”  However, all of his loyalty is to Robert Kraft. If he really felt appreciated he wouldn’t have pleaded the fifth when asked.