Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski Are in the Building

(Foxborough, MA, 01/13/16) Wide receiver #11, tight end #87 Rob Gronkowski, and quarterback #12 Tom Brady warm up for Patriots practice at Gillette. Wednesday, January 13, 2016. Staff photo by John Wilcox.Relax people- Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski have arrived ahead of mandatory minicamp tomorrow. At a charity event yesterday, Gronk said he was going to be attending mandatory minicamp this week. With Brady and Gronkowski missing OTAs, it will be interesting to see how Belichick approaches minicamp this year. Both Brady and Gronkowski attended Fantasy Camp today at Gillette Stadium with the rest of their teammates.

Both Gronkowski and Brady have been getting treatment all offseason long at TB12. The drama between Brady and Belichick really shouldn’t stop them from winning because the AFC is so bad. Josh McDaniels’s return helps, because Brady would rather listen to Josh more than Belichick. Tom Brady will probably be with the first team with the start of minicamp tomorrow.

The Voluntary Workouts Are Over

Teammates didn’t have a problem with Brady missing OTAs last week. They were stressing all along that it was voluntary. Dont’a Hightower said last week, “12 (Brady) is a big part of this team and he means a lot to us in the locker room, but as far as the culture goes, it’s always been next man up. Whether it’s 12, or Gronk, or me missing, or whenever (Jerod) Mayo went down, or (Vince) Wilfork or whatever, it’s always been next man up. That’s the kind of way Bill has built this culture. Whenever the next guy is up, they’re just looking for that next chance and opportunity.
We’re not going to work harder just because 12’s not here or because Gronk’s not here. Dwayne Allen’s doing a great job. Tye’s doing a great job. Niklas is doing a great job. All of these guys are getting those extra reps and getting better and wanting to contribute to this team.”

We’ll just have to wait and see what happens. There are still some questions about how Brady will approach Danny Etling at camp? Will Brady give him the cold shoulder like he did with Jimmy Garoppolo? Or will Brady just realize that his time is coming to an end anyway, and give Etling the reps he needs? Minicamp is a big part of the off-season program. Believe it or not, training camp starts in late July.