Tom Brady Speaks to the Media

Via Chat Sports

Tom Brady finally spoke to the media yesterday. According to him, nothing has changed with his relationship with the team and Belichick. He’s having fun and feels appreciated, so the things he said about pleading the fifth to Jim Gray a month ago mean nothing. When Bill Belichick spoke earlier in the week, he also said he’s always had a good relationship with Brady. All this drama and gossip since last October has been blown out of proportion and there’s nothing to see here. Really, however, they are trying not to let it get in the way of their football operation on the field. So saying the right thing would be pushing the drama aside and focusing on what’s more important.

Now with Edelman possibly facing suspension, will Brady show up for next week’s optional throwing camps? Brady said yesterday, “we’re not even through today yet”. Brady also wouldn’t talk about his contract: “I’ve never talked about my contract, I’ve never brought up money for a lot of reasons that I’ve said over the years. Those things are very personal.”

Is Brady Lying?

The keyword is personal. Everything about Brady is personal. It’s weird though he’ll tell Jim Gray he pleads the fifth if he feels appreciated by Belichick and Kraft. Then with the local media, he says he has a good relationship with Belichick. Which one is it, Tom? Do you not feel appreciated enough by your coach? Or do you not feel appreciated by your coach? Tom Brady has accomplished a lot in his 18 years here and has won five Super Bowls. Now he’s starting to take this diva lifestyle behind the scenes. Like complaining about Garoppolo being there and his trainer not being allowed in the locker room. Then in front of the camera, he’s acting like everything is good because he doesn’t want the distraction to be talked about on the field.