Tom Brady is ready to embark on his next challenge this September. He will have to overcome many different obstacles along the way. This is nothing new to Brady though; he’s been fighting his way toward greatness his entire life and it won’t change in 2018.


Courtesy of Sports Illustrated

His fight for football greatness began in high school, where Brady wasn’t good enough to be the starter on a winless team that had zero touchdowns. He eventually got the starting job as a junior and held it until he graduated. Brady wasn’t getting much attention from colleges during his senior year, so he made highlight tapes of himself to send to schools he wanted to attend. Tom’s tapes worked, as many different colleges around the country started showing interest. Tom decided on the University of Michigan, which again led Brady into another battle he would have to fight. Starting his college career, Tom was once again a backup for 2 years. It’s hard to believe now, but the GOAT was seventh on the Wolverines depth chart at one point. He continued his hard work, eventually moving up the depth chart-only to have to share time with Drew Henson.  Brady was still fighting for his position, leading his team to multiple comebacks, earning the nickname of the Comeback Kid along the way. He won the Orange Bowl in Tom Brady fashion, leading his team back from two 14 point deficits. Sound familiar, Patriot fans?


Courtesy of the Boston Globe

After fighting his way through high school and college, Tom’s professional start would be more of the same. With his combine performance not going over well with scouts, he had to sit and wait while 198 other players were drafted ahead of him. His deeply ingrained work ethic helped him move up the Patriots depth chart from number four to Drew Bledsoe’s backup. After Mo Lewis knocked Bledsoe out, Brady’s hard work was about to pay off. He saw his opportunity and would fight harder than ever to not be a backup again. Five Super Bowls and three MVPs later, Tom Brady is now fighting against something that has never been defeated.


Brady has been beating Father Time for a few years now, winning SBs at ages 37 and 39. He was MVP of the league at 40 while breaking his own SB records. It seems to be pushing it, right? Well not for this guy. He’s always found a way to beat whatever was in front of him. Brady’s turning 41 in August. With no Julian Edelman for a month, a whole new cast of teammates, and nature doing its thing, this will be Tom’s biggest fight. I expect the same results from the man who can’t seem to lose. We have been and are watching the greatest QB and fighter the NFL has ever seen. Brady will not stop until he gets what he needs, and that’s the next ring. Brady’s on a mission for more SBs, and we get to watch history. Make no mistake about Tom Brady; he wasn’t handed anything. He’s earned it.