Tom Brady wants to play many more years

Every year at this time we come to question whether or not Tom Brady will play the following year or hang it up. Every year we get the same answer. He’s playing for many more years. He made his point clear to Jim Gray when he was asked if he’s playing in 2019. His lack of production this season could be because of his lack of weapons on offense. With missing key offensive guys like Amendola and Cooks this year, it could be the reason Brady hasn’t looked that great.

Brady will have to be all in

Tom Brady last offseason wanted to spend more time with his family and skipped OTA’s. He took a lot of criticism for skipping the offseason workout program. People thought he should be there because he’s trying to play into his 40’s and it’s not an easy thing to do.  At some point, Brady needs to be realistic as to how many good years he has left. If he wants to play at a high level, there may have to be less family time in the offseason.

The injuries don’t help on offense either. Rob Gronkowski seems not himself this year and is rumored to retire at the end of the season. I like Brady’s confidence that he’s determined to play at a high level at 42 and beyond. He’s said before he wants to play until 45 so that’s three more years to develop a quarterback and build a championship team, so Brady can have receivers to throw to. One bad year for Brady, people will be talking about he’s falling off a cliff. However, there’s nobody with as much confidence as him in sports.