Brady Is All About Himself and His Brand

Mandatory minicamp begins next week, and we should expect to see Tom Brady there. Lately, he’s been working out at TB12, traveling to Morocco, throwing a football off a boat, and training with Julian Edelman in the practice bubble. During OTAs, Julian Edelman has practiced with the team and then afterward went to the bubble to work out with Tom Brady. In past years, Brady only cared about the team above anything. Now this year he’s putting himself first.

The Final Curtain Call with Brady and Belichick

Don’t worry though, the Patriots have already punched their ticket to the AFC Championship game because the conference is so bad. They will win another division title, and possibly play in another Super Bowl. Bill Belichick is only talking about the players participating in the OTAs, and not the players who are not participating in the program. Tom Brady is the only quarterback in the league not participating in the OTAs. If this was Peyton Manning, Patriots fans would be up in arms about him not putting the team first. But because Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time, it’s okay for him not to be with his teammates.

Kobe Bryant spoke to the team this week. Honestly, why couldn’t Brady do that? Brady knows what it takes to win, but because Belichick is not happy with Brady’s attitude, he decided to bring in someone else.

Also, it’s clear Belichick isn’t taking in the TB12 meal plan. He was video recorded at a Chick-Fil-A drive-thru and didn’t look happy about being recorded.

It will be interesting to see Brady back with the team starting next week at minicamp. Will he be with the first team, or will he get demoted to the second team because he missed OTAs.  I think Brady will be with the first team personally, and should be fine. Belichick is done at the end of the season anyway, so Brady will be mostly listening to Josh McDaniels.