The Patriots Will Be Missing An Offensive  Weapon

Via Clutch Points

With training camp starting a week from today we’ll get our first look at the Patriots on the practice field. It’s been an interesting offseason and a very quiet month in Foxborough. No Day’s Off turned into taking the last two days of OTA’s off and we’ll see everyone on July 26th.

Tom Brady though could have a difficult time to begin the season. With Julian Edelman out the first four games, Brady will be missing his other weapon, Danny Amendola. Amendola took more money and went to the Miami Dolphins this offseason.

Danny Amendola Will Be Missed

Now it will be up to Chris Hogan and Malcolm Mitchell to take that role. In the AFC Championship game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, Danny Amendola had a great game. If he’s not on the team the Patriots don’t go to the Super Bowl. That is where he got the nickname Danny “Playoff” Amendola. The Patriots will miss Amendola when it matters the most. Last postseason, Amendola led the league in yards per receptions and first downs. That is an amazing stat and one that will come back to haunt the Patriots in the playoffs this year.

Danny Amendola didn’t think the money was right for him, which is why he decided to go to the Miami Dolphins. With Belichick in rebuilding mode and trying to give Josh McDaniels a decent team when he takes over next season, Belichick almost cleaned house this offseason. Malcolm Butler, Dion Lewis, Nate Solder, and Danny Amendola are all gone. Danny Amendola became a household name in New England and won two Super Bowls.

Tom’s Frustration

Tom Brady can’t be happy, which is probably why there is some tension. First Belichick doesn’t play Butler in the Super Bowl, so Brady is forced to win the game on the offensive side of the ball. Secondly, his offensive lineman Nate Solder goes to the New York Giants. Who knows how many times Brady will be sacked now. He loses his running back Dion Lewis. Finally he losses Danny Amendola who was clutch in the playoffs. This may not be a factor but if Edelman is out in a playoff game, everyone in New England will be missing Danny Amendola.