New contract for Tom Brady

Tom Brady has signed a two year $70 million contract extension with the Patriots. The 42-year-old, who just had a birthday, will be 44 when his contract is up. That the greatest NFL Quarterback of all time will retire a Patriot. Brady’s been the counterpart to Bill Belichick for the organization for 20 years and counting. When you think of the Patriots you always think of Belichick and Brady. He gets an $8 million raise this year then $30 and $31 million the following years.

Getting the deal done puts this away for two years. Now they can concentrate on football. No more questions about a new contract for Brady, or finishing his career in New England. There was no way Robert Kraft would let him finish it anywhere else anyway. He’s the face of the franchise in so many ways, and I don’t think he would want to play anywhere else. He loves it here between the team, community, etc. It would be crazy for him to leave.

Brady will end his career with the Patriots

The only time there was a concern was when the Patriots had Jimmy Garoppolo, who was supposed to be Brady’s replacement. But Brady had different ideas kicked it into gear and won two Super Bowls. Garoppolo was then traded and Brady has won another one. Seems like they chose the right guy. At some point, though, they have to get ready for post-Brady. But for now and a couple more years it’s all Brady.

What makes Brady different from any other Quarterback in the game is his attitude, and turning an average Wide Receiver into a great one. He’s won Super bowls with all kinds of talent on the offensive side. From Troy Brown, Deion Branch, Julian Edelman, and Rob Gronkowski, he’s done it with all types of talent at the receiver position. Ty Law was just inducted into the Pro Football Hall Of Fame, the first from the early 2000s Super Bowl teams. Someday you’re going to see Tom Brady at the podium wearing a gold jacket for the career he’s had, and will continue to have.