The Patriots and Colts play on a short week

The Patriots have a quick turnaround from Sunday’s game and play again Thursday against the Colts. For Tom Brady VS. Andrew Luck, Brady has completely won that battle. The Patriots and Colts haven’t played each other since October of the 2015 season. The Patriots ended up winning that game 34-27. As for Tom Brady against the Colts, he’s 10-3 in the regular season and 4-1 in the postseason. Also for Brady, he’s 10-1 as a starter on Thursday Night games and has passed for 2,872 yards in those contests.

Tom Brady excited to have Julian Edelman back

Tom Brady has his best receiver out on the field on Thursday. He spoke yesterday and is excited to have Edelman back.

“Well, I think we’ve played so much football together. I really have no doubt where he’s going to be at, what he’s capable of. He’s been a great player for our team. I think everyone’s excited to have him back, and anytime you add great players, it’s going to help what we’re doing. We all welcome him back and he’s excited, ready to go and hopefully he can go out and play great.” Brady said of Edelman.

Brady also is very familiar with the Colts and called them a good team yesterday.

“Well, there were a lot of big games, lot of big games, especially early in my career. Those Tony Dungy-coached teams that were just so well – Peyton [Manning] obviously and what he meant to that organization and the kind of admiration I had for him. It’s transitioned a little bit. They’ve got another great quarterback in there who’s done a great job since he got drafted, so pretty lucky to have those two guys leading the charge.”

The team’s overall has a test on Thursday night after coming off a short week. Andrew Luck has never beaten the Patriots. Total difference from Peyton Manning days. Although Manning couldn’t beat the Patriots in the playoffs either. The Patriots-Colts game should be a good one and don’t be surprised either if it’s a little sloppy.