Has there been any team with a more unprecedented run of success at the quarterback position? With the exception of a torn ACL that wiped out Tom Brady’s 2008 season, the fans have seen star level play from the signal callers for nearly two decades. Is there another NFL city that can boast that? And who will be the Brady successor that New England fans look to for the next decades of passing excellence?


Indianapolis? Peyton Manning provided MVP level play from 1998-2010 he accrued numerous awards and accolades, went to the Super Bowl twice and came away victorious once. In the end he lost the entire 2012 season due to a neck injury hit the free agent market. Denver would benefit for a few more mostly up seasons before he retired in 2015. Still, just 12 seasons for the fans of Indiana.

Big Easy?

How about New Orleans? With a free agent signing in 2006 of the short, shoulder-injured passer out of the storied football school of Purdue, the Saints got the best value in the NFL. But again just 12 seasons, one Super Bowl appearance and win and prolific passing statistics do not make a legend.

The Winner is…

To put it into perspective the New England Patriots have seen seven Super Bowl appearances and five rings. This is such a run that has no equal in the history of the NFL. Sadly, like all good things, there is an end in sight. Despite all the pliability that a 40 year old can muster, Brady will reach a day that he chooses a less physical line of work. A 300 pound lineman laying on top of you can get a bit old quick. So we must look to finding a replacement for that day. Welcome to the 2018 version of this pursuit.

Draft History

Since the 2000 draft with the 199th pick the Patriots have selected eight quarterback prospects from the college ranks. Some like Matt Cassel and Ryan Mallet have last several years as the backup to TB12 before moving on to other opportunities in their careers. Some were seventh round picks or undrafted gems like Brian Hoyer. The top 100 picks in the NFL draft is the preferred hunting grounds for Bill Belichick’s QB search. Lately as the market has been shifting and unexpected events like the Deflategate suspension have happened they have been picking higher and more frequently than normal. This year will be no exception. This year we can safely say, that regardless of free agency the Patriots will select a quarterback in the draft.

What’s Coming

In the coming weeks we will profile likely Patriots QBs that could be selected in the 2018 draft in March. We will look at playing styles, testing results, background information and why we think they have traits that will make them a new Patriot. The writers at BostonSportsExtra.com look forward to the debates and speculations that these will likely entail. We eagerly await all of the new Patriots that will try to help the 2018 team get that sixth ring for Brady. And just maybe get to be the next guy for when Brady hangs them up and rides off into the sunset.