You’re probably inspired by Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Ben Hogan, or Gene Sarazen to try out playing golf. Or, maybe you overheard a colleague who loves to play golf and you’re quite curious how it feels to play. 

As people say, there’s always a first time for everything. To convince you to start, here are good reasons why you should try golfing:

1. Interesting New Sport to Try

As you probably have seen in movies or golf tournaments on television, golf is an interesting sport to try. It’s always associated with elegance, wealth, and graceful poise and dynamics. So, playing golf even once in your lifetime is a must-try. 

However, first-timers struggle with how to act while playing and are unsure of the rules. Of course, there will always be first-time jitters for the new golfer, but it’s avoidable. As a tip, don’t go in blind by having the proper preparation.

Check out some of the basics of golf etiquette to make your first round of golf smooth: 

  • Bring the Right Equipment: Golf essentials should be high-quality and correct in size and number. For example, there should be 14 golf clubs in a golfer’s bag.
    While there’s no minimum number of golf clubs you’re allowed to bring, borrowing one from others isn’t a good idea. Usually, it’s against the rules, so you should bring all the clubs you need – up to 14 as the maximum.
  • Check the Dress Code: Check the dress code of the golf course you’ll be playing at so you can dress up appropriately. You can meet the basic dress code requirements by wearing a pair of slacks or khaki shorts and a collared golf shirt.
    While golf gloves and golf shoes aren’t usually required, it’s better to bring and use them.
  • You also need the proper golf rain gear for men.

2. Gain Health Benefits By Playing Golf

Participating in any sports, like playing golf, improves physical fitness. Like walking, golf is a moderately intense physical activity, which increases heart rate and blood circulation. Also, playing golf increases your life expectancy as this sport promotes a healthy cardiovascular system, improved balance, and enhanced cognitive functioning. 

Here are the other health benefits of playing golf:

  • Weight Loss: To attain weight loss, the recommended number of steps is 10,000. Spending four to five hours playing golf with an 18-hole round exceeds that number, helping you burn more calories. 
  • Better Sleep: Golf involves a combination of moderately intense exercise and fresh air, which are the perfect things you need to attain a good night’s sleep. You’ll fall asleep faster and enjoy deep sleep longer when you played golf during the day.
  • Improved Mental Health: When you’re surrounded by nature and exercise, you’ll benefit from healthy mental well-being. According to a study, interacting with nature, such as walking in the greenery while playing golf, viewing nature, or gardening can improve health. Doing so will also reduce stress and anxiety, improves self-esteem, and confidence.

3. Improve Social Skills

Golf doesn’t only provide physical health benefits but also helps improve your social skills. Both children and adults can benefit from improved social skills from playing golf, making them an asset to society.

Check out the social skills you can learn when playing golf:

  • Interpersonal Skills: Golf teaches you how to show respect for yourself and other people, as well as the surroundings. With golf fundamentals, rules, and etiquette, you’ll get to appreciate the sport and learn acceptable social behaviors.
  • Self-management Skills: Regardless of the outcome of the game, playing golf helps you keep a positive attitude and better evaluate yourself. As you learn the basic moves or strategies, you also learn to be more patient, calm, and optimistic. 
  • Goal-setting Skills: Golf teaches you how to set the right goals and make them come true, separating you from unnecessary distractions. With self-management strategies, you can also improve your productivity and decrease or eliminate any problem associated with your behavior.

4. Make It Your New Favorite Hobby

Why not make golf your new favorite hobby? If you tried every sport out there and want something new and exciting, golf is a must-try.

To help you learn and enjoy your new hobby, check out some important golf tips for newbies:

  • Learn the golf fundamentals
  • Focus on proper body alignment
  • Maintain proper posture
  • Develop a great stance
  • Learn the perfect grip 
  • Perfect golf techniques in a driving range
  • Downswing using hips as a starting point 
  • Increase your loft


There are a lot of good reasons why you should try playing golf. You’ll not only learn the interesting, basic golf skills and etiquette but also some social skills. Also, playing golf provide physical and mental health benefits. Once you’ve learned how to play golf, it could be your next new favorite hobby.