The football industry has grown into a multi-billion dollar market where the stakeholders in that industry can afford the best of everything – little wonder the player’s remuneration comes in millions of dollars. This industry has been established to be worth over $28.9 billion and has a huge propensity to be worth even more in the future.

One of the luxuries of the football industry is their pitch: the football field – the stadium. The football stadium has grown to become the most expensive sports arena in the world, and this article is meant to list them by ranking. Below, they are listed thus:

  1. The Wembley Stadium

This is the UK-based 90,000 capacity football stadium that was reopened in 2007 after it was originally built by an Australian firm Multiplex in 1923. This stadium is iconic to the entire football community and has hosted hundreds of football matches since its reopening. It has one of the most electrically wired atmospheres in the world and costs £798 million (approximately £1.2 billion today) to build.

  1. The Allianz Arena

This German-based football stadium is the home to the famous German football teams: Bayern Munich and 1860 Munich. This stadium is designed in such a way that it changes color to represent which of the team is playing; red for Bayern Munich while blue is for the 1860 Munich. This stadium was officially opened in 2005 and costs €340 million.

  1. Old Trafford

This 75,000 capacity football stadium is another United Kingdom-based football stadium that has attracted a lot of attention because of its nickname: “The Theatre of Dreams.” This magnificent stadium was opened to the public in 1910 and is home to the famous “Red Devils” team. It even assumed a better magnificent outlook after its 2006 renovation and is presently ranked England’s largest stadium. It is said to cost £90,000 in 1909.

  1. Camp Nou

Camp Nou is located in Spain, and it has been named the largest football stadium in Europe with a capacity of 98,757 people. Camp Nou is home to the world’s biggest football team: the Barcelona football club. Originally, the capacity of this football club was 120,000 in 1982, but because of some changes in the rules as per standing in the stadium, it was reduced to 98,757.

  1. The Azteca Stadium

It is located in Mexico’s Estadio Azteca and can accommodate 104,000 people.  It has a pretty good electronic atmosphere, and will ever be remembered as the only stadium in the country that has hosted the World Cup finals twice. This stadium will also be remembered as the venue for Diego Maradona’s “Hand of God” goal.


You will even find a more magnificent-looking football stadium out there if you visit websites like, but the ones we just mentioned are regarded as the top 5 according to official ranking. Finally, the football industry will always go down the history lane as one of the greatest sports industries that have ever lived.