Basketball leagues are rapidly growing across the globe outside the NBA. You will get information about the top 7 basketball leagues in the world outside the NBA in this blog. Moreover, these are the best basketball leagues like the NBA.

The EuroLeague

Outside the NBA, this basketball league has set its reputation as the world’s benchmark basketball league. This basketball league stands in top position in European basketball competition among professional clubs. Similarly, EuroLeague has growing atmospheres like college basketball and attendance. Thereby, it receives high television revenues and sponsorships.

Facts and Figures

  • EuroLeague contains 16 teams.
  • It is a highly stable team financially.
  • EuroLeague comprised of 100 players approx.
  • These 100 players generate money greater than those of the NBA 100 bottom players.
  • The league’s talent is proportionate with salary levels.
  • The EuroLeague players are highly talented; therefore, two of its championship players, including Bogdan Bogdanovic, known as Sacramento Kings and Ekpe Udoh, known as Utah Jazz.
  • These players are MVP final four in EuroLeague.
  • Teams of EuroLeague also participate each week in domestic level competition during every season.
  • Their schedule starts in October and ends by June almost every year.


EuroCup is the second-best basketball club outside the NBA across Europe. Similarly, in Europe, teams of this basketball club are second best. Most of its units have budgets in multimillion dollars. Their account depends on the success of these teams during the last seasons. Moreover, the success of EuroCup teams determines who will qualify for the coming EuroLeague season.

Spain’s Liga ACB

It is a Spanish league that stands on top of the list of domestic league champions in Europe. However, this first division Spanish league has suffered a lot during the country’s current financial crisis in recent years.

Consequently, the league has not remained as robust as it used to be before a decade. The Spanish club still upholds its position in the domestic leagues on the top in Europe.

Facts and Figure

  • Currently, the ACB has five basketball clubs that are competing successfully in the EuroLeague.
  • Four clubs are competing in champion leagues of the FIBA Whereas, three in the EuroCup.
  • It refers to the competitiveness of these basketball clubs.
  • Many Spanish, both former and current, have moved to the NBA.
  • In this league, players statistically rarely/do not stand out; however, it is due to selfless play style and team roaster’s depth that coaches of ACB preach them.

BSL (Turkish Basketball Super League)

BSL is the home to the champions defending EuroLeague. The BSL league has a firm financial footing. Consequently, in the first division of Turkish basketball clubs’ salaries have blown up within a recent year. These financial prospects have led Turkish teams to the flow of success.

These teams are making their way up to the significant basketball champion leagues, including the FIBA, EuroCup and the EuroLeague.

Facts and Figures

  • At various lower-level first-division Turkish basketball teams they have higher budgets than many other top-notch Spanish teams, including Barcelona and Real Madrid.
  • The club reloads its financial resources quickly so that it can compete for other titles.

Russia’s VTB United League

It is a league where 13 teams compete with each other. These teams include both the top Russian domestic club and the united league comprising teams from Kazakhstan, Belarus, Estonia, and Latvia. However, this Russian league is being ruled by a power club of Europe, the CSKA Moscow.

Moreover, this club is a synonym of success because it won all the championships from the beginning but lost only one.

Facts and Figures

  • In this European region, the weather is mostly harsh during the season of basketball championship.
  • Some clubs are working truly professionally in the VTB United League than others.
  • Moreover, the salaries of their players are higher than other basketball clubs in other parts of Europe.
  • The top Russian clubs used to pay a premium amount to get top talent.
  • To initiate this league, 20 ex-players of the NBA were hired.

Italy’s LBA (Lega Basket Serie A)

LBA is one of the best basketball leagues that has financially hit during recent times due to economic turmoil in the country.

Facts and Figures

  • Each team can have not more than seven players who are not Italian.
  • Due to a lack of trust, the number of non-Italian players has been declined.
  • A dispute of salaries between owners and players has created this situation.
  • Therefore, you can see just Olimpia Milano, an Italian basketball club competing in EuroLeague’s championship.

LNB Pro A (France)

It is a French basketball club but doesn’t rank on the top in Europe’s domestic league. However, many successful NBA players have emerged from this league in the last 15 seasons, including Tony Parker, Ian Mahinmi, and others.