With the fall season bringing with it the return of football, you are no doubt excited to catch up with your favorite teams along with your buddies, and follow your teams’ progress through the league. Though you might be excitedly anticipating the gameplay, you are probably not looking forward so much to half time which, despite being a spectacle during the Super Bowl, is usually tedious and can be annoying during any other game. To help you pass the time, and get more out of the break, here are four things to do during the half time. 

1. Prepare more drinks and snacks

You’ve probably been nursing the same beer during the last quarter of the first half, not wanting to risk missing any vital touchdowns to get a new bottle. Half time is the perfect opportunity to replenish your drinks for the second half. You could even prepare some tasty snacks as well; chips and peanuts are popular options, or you could make some more substantial football snacks, such as buffalo wings and nachos.

2. Play a quick game

If you’re sat back at your TV with your drinks and snacks and want to stop yourself from eating all the peanuts before the pundits have finished talking, you could play a quick online game. For instance, on www.bingositesreviewer.com you can find the best websites offering a quick game of online bingo that you can play whilst waiting for football gameplay to restart. Alternatively, if you’re watching with a friend, why not break out the deck of cards and play a quick card game?

3. Analyze the game so far

No doubt you are overflowing with opinions about how the game is going so far, whether it is about team selection, a controversial penalty, or that end zone celebration. If you’re lucky enough to be watching the match alongside your buddies, now is the time to express all of your opinions about what you have seen so far, and discuss how you think the game will go. Alternatively, if you are all watching it apart due to the coronavirus restrictions, move your discussion to the group chat. While it may not be quite the same as a face-to-face conversation, you can still discuss the game with your friends.

4. Check social media

For more reactions and opinions about the game, make sure you check out your social media accounts for updates. With sites such as Twitter providing immediate real-time reactions, you can get an overall view of what others think about what has happened so far. You might even find the opinions of other football stars in the league, offering a more rounded view than that offered by the commentators covering the game. Half time is also a good opportunity to check on the progress of your team through the league. If other games have been played recently, you could check the tables to see where your team currently stands in the league based on the performance in the game so far.