You may be a gamer, but unless you are up to date with the latest games in the market, then you are not quite enjoying the very best. Once you have a quad-core CPU that can handle multi-threads, it is time to have a look at what is new in your favorite franchise. Developers keep launching new updates on their games as others release new ones, which is why every gamer must remain on their toes for the latest.

In 2019, there are a few mentionable games that are leaving a mark in the market, particularly for PC gaming. As a serious player, have a gaming schedule planned out with our list of trending PC games in 2019:

Doom Eternal

Doom is all about demon-slaughter action that is fast-paced and adrenaline-filled all the way. This new version of Doom is an upgrade from the version in 2016, where you have to use a brutal upgraded armory to fight twice as many demons with your favorite Doom enemies. Multiplayer and Snap maps are enjoyable little distractions and a great addition to the game.

Borderlands 3

Figure 1 Borderlands 3

Borderlands is back, and the Borderlands 3 is the best way to put your X rocker 51092 chair to good use. The new Borderlands game boasting of fast-paced battles and some outlandish-looking new environments has four new vault hunters, loads of returning characters from the previous version, and more than a billion guns to explore, including rocket launchers, revolvers, assault rifles, and laser weapons. The game comes with a whole lot of looting and shooting to keep you on toes with the villains more evil-looking than ever. 

The Outer Worlds

The original Fallout designers are on-board with the Outer Worlds game, which means the game is a cross between Fallout and Firefly, which is such a thrilling sci-fi universe. The game is set several alien planets, wide a range of creative freedom for gamers, allowing them to create their own unique character, befriend different eccentric companions and play the game in versatile ways.

Total War: Three Kingdoms

Figure 2 Three Kingdoms

This game takes players to a whole unexpected world – ancient China during the Three Kingdoms era after the dissolution of the Han dynasty. The game promises a focus on the heroes of the age in a romanticized version of medieval China. As the gamer, you get the power to recruit and command massive armies, with a regular switch between overworld map city-building or diplomacy and intense strategic battles. Unlike what you would expect from such a game as this, it is different in the sense that the generals in Three Kingdoms will act as their own solo unit, instead of being flanked by large “bodyguard” units.

Dying Light 2

The new version of Day Light does not let the dream of zombie survival die off. It is based on its predecessors’ first-person action, RPG, exposing the users to ‘The City’, a bigger and more dangerous post-apocalyptic region. This city is skyscraper-filled and features violent faction conflicts terrifying new undead archetypes around every which way. There may not be a promise of a lot of updates on what the first edition of Dying Light was, but there is a focus on polishing up the gameplay experience in Dying Light 2 and expanding on existing systems.

Halo Master Chief Collection

Figure 3 Halo Master Chief Collection

The last in our list is the Halo Master Chief Collection, which slowly became a definitive gathering of Halo games and has found its way to PC. It is not exactly a new game, but given the fact that it is coming to Pc, instead of majoring on consoles only. The release of this game will be gradual in 2019, with Halo: Reach as the first. While the game will be a lot similar to what you may have known from childhood, there is a promise of bringing in several enhancements over their console counterparts.