With the March Madness frenzy getting closer, we’re ready to see some incredible college basketball action. Of course, teams will be looking to dominate their opponents, and as the day draw closer, the odds of winning the tournament changes for the teams based on their performance leading up to the day.

Consider putting aside playing at the best online casinos with the tournament getting closer. The teams have an exciting time playing in the competition. It won’t be easy to tell who is going to win. However, some teams have built a solid reputation with their recent stats and performance on the court.

As it stands, UCLA is one of the top picks as they have set up a team ready to take on any challenge from the other teams in the competition. The roster for 2023 looks good, and they have the talent to compete. The only problem is that they’ve not been imposing in the last few months.

One mistake we can’t make is to write off UCLA before the competition starts. Although they don’t have the favorite odds now, UCLA is a team that can impress when the time comes. So, we’re looking forward to how they will perform once the competition starts. But before then, let’s check out UCLA at +1400 and what we expect from them.

The Team in 2023

The UCLA team in 2023 is packed with some of the best talents in college basketball. The players look forward to impressing scouts for a chance to make the top draft picks. In that case, we expect that team to deliver during this March Madness period, although their performance hasn’t been top-notch in the last couple of months.

As it stands, UCLA will have some exciting players on the roster. Going into March Madness, we expect the following players:

  • Jaylen Clark
  • Abramo Canka
  • Dylan Andrews
  • Adem Bona
  • Will McClendon
  • Amari Bailey
  • Tyger Campbell
  • Mac Etienne
  • Kenneth Nwuba
  • Logan Cremonesi
  • Evan Manjikian
  • Jack Seidler
  • Jaime Jaquez Jr.
  • David Singleton
  • Russell Stong

Mick Cronin will be the head coach for this team alongside Darren Savino, Rod Palmer, and Ivo Simovic. So, you can see that the team is in good hands, and they can deliver during the March Madness event.


The team hasn’t been too impressive in the last few months, although they are still one of the top picks to perform in the tournament. In addition, some players have been impressive throughout this season. Jamie Jaquez Jr. is one of the pitch’s best and most reliable players.

He has consistently delivered at a high level. Jaquez Jr. will continue to be one of the team’s key members. We expect him to remain a key component in the competition. In addition to Jaquez, Tyger Campbell is an exciting player as well. Also, Jaylen Clark has been another consistent player on the team.

Top Players and Starters

Some players have been consistent on the team sheet as they continue to deliver on the court. Unsurprisingly, Jaime Jaquez Jr. is one of the top starters on the team. He has played most of the games, followed by Tyger Campbell, David Singleton, and Kenneth Nwuba.

Other top players on the team include Jaylen Clark, Adem Bona, Dylan Andrews, Mac Ettiene, Abramo Canka, and Amari Bailey. These players are among the tournament’s top starters we expect to get minutes. We might also see Will McClendon get some minutes by his record during the regular season.


Aside from Evan Manjikian, who has been out since December 15 due to a right arm injury, the team has an entire squad, giving them the liberty to explore enough tactics. In that case, we expect them to go into the competition with the best players and try to battle against other top teams.

Since they’ve been performing at another level, the coach will want to rely on his key players, such as Jamie Jaquez Jr., Tyger Cambell, and Jaylen Clark. Also, the team hopes to keep all the top players before March Madness.

Our Thoughts

March Madness will be an excellent competition with the best college teams in the country battling it out. The players will also want to bring their A-game. As a result, the current performances and stats might not reflect how these teams will perform. In that case, we look forward to what the boys from UCLA will bring to the competition.