Gambling laws in the United Kingdom have changed significantly in recent years. The Gambling Act of 2005 brought major changes to the way gambling is legislated and since then, there are more legal and safer ways to wager in the U.K. than ever before. The new laws also took online gambling into consideration and made sure that these transactions were on the level and safe.

The laws indicate that a person must be 18 years of age or older to legally place a bet in the United Kingdom. If you want to play the lottery or join a football pool, the minimum age for those forms of gambling is only 16.

Another aspect of the law gives people struggling with gambling problems to self-exclude from online casinos based in the U.K. The self-exclusion laws allow people to choose to exclude themselves from online gambling sites for six months, one year or five years which gives them time to straighten their lives out and then hopefully resume playing the games they enjoy so much in a healthier way.

Not all online casinos participate Gamstop. You can also check out non gamestop casinos here. Because they don’t participate in Gamstop, you are not automatically banned at all these casinos across the board when you self-exclude from one of them.

The laws in the U.K. also have some other benefits for gamblers. For example, people who are not considered professional gamblers do not have to pay taxes on their winnings at online casinos.

Players do not require a license to gamble in the U.K., although the establishments they are gambling at are required to have a license and must meet certain requirements to continue to do business within the country.

The laws in this country also regulate gaming machines, whether they operate in person or online. So, slot machines must be honest, must clearly display the odds of winning and what the payout is for each game and their performance must match the stated odds and payouts they claim.

All these laws are designed to make sure that gambling in the United Kingdom is safe, honest and above board. The laws are designed to prevent people from being taken advantage of, to protect minors and problem gamblers from the dangers of excessive gambling and to make sure the government gets their share of the profits these casinos take in.

The laws are always changing, so make sure you keep up with the news and adhere to the rules and regulations in your area.