Online casino gaming or any kind of gambling for that matter can turn into a nasty obsession with severe consequences. According to research, the problem goes way beyond control when it harms personal and professional relationships, and paves the way for financial ruin. A gambling addict will do things they never imagined they would do such as accumulating huge debts or stealing money from friends and family. These patterns resemble drug dependency and need immediate treatment.

The following write-up specifies the psychology behind online casino gaming, and the four stages of its addiction. Please check all of that out right now.

Psychology Behind Online Casino Gaming

The experts working for คาสิโนออนไลน์เว็บตรง said gambling is an extremely inquisitive psychological phenomenon. There have been detailed studies on how the psychological procedures impact gambling behavior. Well, the four fascinating observations include –


1. Good Mood Will Force You to Spend More Time at the Online Casinos


Many medical experts found a positive relation between things that put people in a good mood and increased casino gaming. Actually, when you feel happy, you tend to take more risks.


2. Gambler’s Fallacy


Gambler’s fallacy could be defined as a mistaken belief regarding the order of random events. For instance, if a player sees black for a long time on the roulette wheel, he/she will assume that red will come up in the next trial. In reality, the chances of a specific event occurring are always same.


3. Bandwagon Effect


If you see your friend constantly winning at a particular online casino game, you would also want to play it. This is called the bandwagon effect. Even if you lose for a few times, you will keep trying to receive the same luck as your friend.


4. Gambling System


Gambling is a cent per cent random event. However, a large number of individuals believe they can create a system to win. They try to predict patterns, pick the hottest slot machines, perform a ritual such as wearing a certain dress or using a lucky charm, and use skill in a game that’s controlled by chance.

Online casino gaming can be immensely addictive, and the above psychological processes function to elevate the addiction. Neuroscience research has depicted that gambling addiction has several of the similar neural procedures as drug addiction. Personal choices and near-misses compel the gamblers to make large bets and play more frequently.

Besides psychological factors, online casino gaming addiction has many biological elements too. Dopamine plays a significant role in drug usage disorders and can also be held responsible for gambling problem. Striatum, a region in the brain, reacts to natural reinforcements such as sex and food. It also reacts to drugs like cocaine and gambling.

Online Casino Gaming Addiction in Four Steps

According to the different institutes for addiction recovery, online casino gaming addiction has the below four stages.


1. Winning


The winning stage starts generally with a substantial win. This leads to exhilaration and you start seeing online casino gaming in a positive light. You also believe that you have special skills at online casino gaming, and you will continue to win for an eternity. You spend excess money as well as time.


2. Losing


You know you are becoming addictive when you are totally absorbed in the online casino game. You start playing all the time. You miss work, borrow money from everywhere, lie to your loved ones, and miss paying the debts. Problem gamblers continue gambling even when they are losing.


3. Desperation


The experts at online casino direct web said slowly but steadily you will lose all your control over gambling. You will feel guilty and ashamed but you cannot stop playing the online casino games. You may steal or cheat to finance your habit. When the consequences of gambling finally catch, you will lose your job, get arrested, or get divorced.


4. Hopeless


In this last stage, you will hit the rock bottom. You no longer care whether you die or live. You just want to keep gambling.

Bottom Line

Online casino gaming addiction can be treated. Choose a rehabilitation centre that provides interventions especially for gambling addiction. If it has many care levels, you can easily join the treatment at a level you require, and leave the treatment whenever you are prepared.

The counsellors and addiction specialists will help you delve deep into tour problems or any underlying reason for the addiction.