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With all eyes on Qatar for the 2022 World Cup and the fantastic modern stadiums that are being built for the occasion, many are reminiscing about the options closer to home too – the US has long been known for having some fantastic facilities for all forms of entertainment, the exciting growth of online casino games like netent casino betrugstest can often only be outdone by the fantastical sights that light up the Las Vegas strip, centers aimed at pulling the best possible performance out of an athlete like the UFC’s performance institute, and huge sports arenas with over one hundred years of recent history too – but which are some of the most impressive the US has to offer?

Fenway Park

Any list about sporting arenas in the US will undoubtably feature Fenway Park as one of the most famous sports arenas not just in the US but around the world too – it’s the oldest ballpark in the MLB and even for basketball fans who aren’t fans of the Red Sox, there’s something special about the stadium. As Fenway Park is part of the National Register of Historic Places and may require regulation to future changes, it’s not the most futuristic sports arena and the capacity falls far short of some mega arenas these days, but despite that it still holds plenty of charm and an exclusivity that many other stadiums around the world simply can’t match.

Madison Square Garden

Whilst not having as much history as Fenway Park having opened in 1968, Madison Square Garden had been able to quickly grow to become one of the most well known sporting arenas around the world – it’s the oldest arena in the NHL and has become synonymous with basketball too – but it also has a long history in other sports including Boxing as MSG was once known for some of the biggest fights in history with Marciano and Louis, the Ali and Frazier fights, and more recently in MMA too with some huge UFC events taking place at the Garden. For those visiting New York, it has become a must see for sports fans.

Talladega Superspeedway

There are no shortage of fantastic race arenas for motorsports fans across the US too with the likes of Indianapolis and Daytona, particularly with the announcement that F1 will be coming to Vegas too. But Talladega holds a special spot for many fans, not only is it the longest oval in NASCAR but it’s also one of the fastest tracks in the world with races surpassing the 200-mph mark frequently – it’s also well known for some big pileups too, as it’s not uncommon to see the close quarters racing and fast speeds lead to huge crashes at the circuit.