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Rugby is the fastest-growing sports in the world and near to join the ranks of basketball and football. It’s one of the most captivating games as rugby involves a lot of physical activity. A couple of years back, the rugby was unpopular, and not many countries participated globally.

The only countries that are known to be big guns in the rugby game are New-Zealand, Austria, UK, and South Africa. However, now other interested parties have joined the fun, and almost every continent has several countries participating in rugby games.

Today, rugby game has millions of fans across the globe, and when rugby world cup live matches come, it’s something no one would wish to miss. And to access the fun wherever you may be, ensure to connect the rugby world cup using Kodi. To unlock all rugby world cup matches live you need to have add-ons to allow you stream with no issue.

What is Kodi?

Kodi is open-source media software that allows you to access all types of content, including TV programs, games, movies, music, and others. The good thing with Kodi software is the ability to work with many devices. You can stream Kodi on your Laptop, TV, tablet, mobile phone and more.

On the other hand, Kodi is designed to run on Windows, IOS, Mac OS, Raspberry Pi, and Android to bring fun to you.

Kodi Add-ons to help you Stream Rugby World Cup Matches

Kodi software is available in all western countries, and with quality add-ons, streaming rugby world cup is very easy.

You can check them below to consider downloading the best choice for you and enjoy every proceeding of the game.

US TV Now Plus


Sports Devil

Pro Sport

There are other more plugins you can use to stream, but the above list is the best, and out of the four you have many options to enjoy your rugby matches. However, the four are best that gives you quality viewing experience of rugby matches as they happen on the ground. For those living outside the five countries mentioned to access the live rugby matches is only possible with a Kodi VPN.

Always use a VPN with Kodi

If you live in areas where streaming your favorite channels using Kodi is restricted a VPN is a must. VPN (Virtual Private Network) helps you to bypass geo-block set to prevent your area of location from accessing it. VPN allows you to encrypt your network traffic by routing it through a server in another place.

The encryption protects your data from being accessed by prying eyes online, your ISP, and those with malicious intents to attack or cause harm. If ISPs (Internet Service Provider) learns about your streaming activities, they may throttle your connection by limiting speed. That is why a VPN is helpful to avoid any of such things happening and interfering with your live rugby world cup matches.

Before you settle on a VPN you will be using to stream rugby matches through Kodi, make sure you get the right version. A good VPN should protect your information;, therefore, it must have an excellent security feature. The other important aspect is the ability to provide you with speed and trust as VPN providers access your private information.

So, a word of caution is never to use a free VPN as it may jeopardize your vital information to e-criminals. Keeping your connectivity with a free VPN is no presenting your activities to potential hackers online. E-criminals use free VPN to spy on unsuspecting users who may in turn use your private data negatively.

The Best VPN to Use with Kodi When Streaming Rugby World Cup

These are the top best VPN to help you stream your live matches unhindered.

IP Vanish – This one has speed and never logs any of your activities. The reason it’s the favorite of many users is due to privacy and security features which people like you are concerned about. You get 7-day money-back guarantee. IP Vanish is a little bit pricey when you compare with others, but you will never regret using it to watch the rugby world cup.

Express VPN– This VPN is good at speed and security. It has just like IP Vanish 256-bit encryption. The only tough part for this VPN is setup process may be tricky for a first-timer. The VPN does not offer a free trial though you get a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Nord VPN – This is the top best overall and impressive for server coverage. In fact, it has a Kodi specific page so even if you are a total beginner you the process is easy to get on their website. Further, the Nord VPN applications are user-friendly on all major operating systems. You, therefore, get many options to stream rugby world cup live and easy.

Vypr VPN – This is another excellent VPN to connect you to the world of rugby entertainment. It has blazing speed and instrumental chameleon technology to overcome all VPN blocks plus speed throttling usually put by ISPs. Vypr VPN has 3-day free trial and once you purchase their service no option for money-back guarantee.


When streaming rugby world cup matches, you need to have a promising VPN that does not interfere with the live-action. Getting a VPN with fast downloads prevent those irking pauses when your favorite game is happening. Avoid using third-party add-ons to stream Kodi as their design is different from official add-ons which are built with technical standards. They may cause vulnerability that attackers may use to hack or compromise your system.

Majority of the past rugby world cup required users to watch their live matches through a cable subscription. Today the rugby world cup is readily available to fans across the world for free on Kodi with a VPN. You should never fail to watch live rugby world cup matches for they happen only once after every four years.

With numerous options to watch your rugby matches, you have no excuse not to enjoy the benefit from Kodi and the VPN connection if your location is restricted.