As we all have entered in 2020 with high spirits and high enthusiasm. We all have set some goals for ourselves this year. Plenty of people have committed to be healthy and to eat healthy this year. Eating healthy and clean is easy, but for being healthy, you also need to work out. A good body and a few crunches may sound very appealing and easy but in reality, it is not easy at all. Everything takes time

The first few days of your workout will be very tough and brutal so keeping your diet clean and healthy is essential. You can’t expect results by just working out alone. Diet and exercise together make a great impact and give you a good slimmer toned body. Make sure you are taking all the required nutrients. If you are busy with your work schedule and fail to have a proper protein-packed meal then you can supplement the deficiencies by just ordering the protein supplements online. For example, you can order your supplements and protein replacement meals from There might be days when you will not feel your body at all, do not worry it is all part of the process. This body pain and soreness remain for good two weeks and after then your body gets used to it. Some people and bodybuilders call this the sweet pain but trust me there is nothing sweet about that pain at all. Sometimes that body pain is soreness is not because of a good workout it is because of our wrong postures during the workout, so make sure that your postures are correct during the workout.

There are a variety of ways in which you can repair your muscles after a workout like:

1. Stretching

Warm-up your body before the workout, and stretch well by the end of the workout. This might sound irrelevant to you now but try it and you will see the difference. Stretching will help your muscles recover from muscle soreness fast. So make it a habit and stretch daily after your workout.

2. Hydrate

You lose most of your electrolytes during your workout so replace these by hydrating yourself well during the workout. This will help you keep your body going. Water will help to increase your metabolism and will keep your body functioning well. It is recommended to drink at least one liter of water daily, so make sure that you have your water bottle with you all the time.

3. Bath

After your work out makes sure that you take a good long bath. This bath will help you get rid of all the tensions and soreness in your body and will make you feel fresh and good. Take hot and cold bath alternatively as it supports the theory of dilating and contracting your blood vessels. This will help you get rid of muscle pain and soreness and will relax your body as well.

4. Sleep well

There is nothing in the world that good eight-hour sleep cannot fix. Make sure that you get a good sleep after your workout. When you sleep, your body produces a hormone, which is known as growth hormone. This hormone takes care of the growth and repairing of the tissues, so sleeping well can help your body to repair the tissues and muscles on its own and you will feel a lot better when you will wake up.

5. Rest Well

Whenever you get injured or ill, the best way to recover from it is to rest well. The same is the case with workout soreness and pain. After you are done with, your workout session rests well and let your body heal on its own. This healing might take a lot of time but that is your body’s way of healing and coping up with the soreness. Thus, give your body some time and rest well.

6. Do Not Over Train

When we go to the gym for the first time most of us have no idea about where to start and how to start our workout. With high spirits and enthusiasm, we start doing high-intensity workouts for long hours daily. Do not do that. Research well before you start working out and make sure that you do not over train yourself. The muscle pain and soreness can also be a result of you overtraining your body. Start your workout with the cardio and warming up your body and then go for the weight lifting afterward.

7. Massage

Massage the area of the body the hurts the most. Take some hot body oil in a bowl and massage it on your body with your fingertips. Massage will help you with the blood circulation and will relax your body. You can also go to a spa and get your massage done from an expert with the perfect pressure.

8. NSAID’s

NSAID’s stand for non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. These types of drugs are called over the counter (OTC) drugs and do not need a prescription. NSAID’s helps in reducing body soreness and pain in two ways. Firstly by helping the body with the pain and secondly by treating the inflammation. If nothing helps to reduce the soreness then take an aspirin, it will help you with your pain. Try to take aspirin and other over the counter drugs as the last option. Because medicines are not good for your body in the long run.

9. Diet

Eat a meal that is rich in proteins after you work out. Research shows that taking a high protein meal and supplement throughout the day can help you recover fast from the post work out soreness. An ideal ratio of a good diet is 2:1 between the carbohydrate and protein. Avoid potassium and salts in your diet to recover fast from the soreness. Black coffee before work out can also help you with the soreness.


You can help your body soreness and pain in these ways mentioned above. A lot of us quit the gym just after just two to three days of workout. Do not give up so early, be patient and give the body some time to get used to the workout routine. If it seems a little difficult, take expert advice or hire an instructor for a few months. This may be a little heavy on your pocket but will worth it. This pain will go away with time but your amazing body will stay. Being healthy should always be your priority but it comes with a little struggle. Make time out for yourself and start hitting the gym.