You have already witnessed several rugby squads’ battle it out at the ongoing rugby world cup in Japan. It was set to run for six weeks, meaning there is still more to come. Some teams have continuously remerged victorious while a few are going down the ladder. It is not a surprise, though. In every sports tournament, some have to win as other accept defeat. 

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You can even bet on the rugby matches. That way, you will greatly enjoy this year’s rugby world cup. If you are not so sure about the outcomes, you can check out various online resources that offer game predictions. However, you may need to probe further to see if it is a viable bet. With that sinking in your mind, let’s go back to the details of the ongoing rugby world cup.

See, rugby fans are anxiously anticipating for a great battle in the remaining matches. Currently, New Zealand seems to be the reigning champs and are intelligently striving to bid for their 3rd consecutive rugby world cup win. So, who would you expect to beat the rest and emerge the top? Do you have any team on your mind that seem to be chasing victory as never before? Or you still thinking about your rugby favorite? Well, there is a lot to expect. 

Seemingly, there are about six teams set for victory in this rugby world cup 2019. According to All Blacks head coach, Hansen, these teams are ever competitive. He goes ahead to point out that it makes him chuckle whenever he hears people say that this team cannot emerge gloriously. He strongly believes that this team is actually going for victory. 

However, he believes that there are a number of sides that could win since they have got great talent amongst them. In the meanwhile, the only few teams that seem to be ready to challenge the All Blacks are South Africa, Ireland, and England. 

When is the final for rugby world cup 2019?

According to sports news, there is a lot that could happen before the final day. Many teams will have known their fate. Some will still be waiting for the final matches while others will have pulled out. However, the final tournament is scheduled to go down on 2nd November this year.

Rugby World Cup final venue, Time and how to catch it live

The final battle will take place in Yokohama International Stadium. This stadium has the capacity to hold 72,327 spectators. Do you remember the FIFA World cup 2002? It was hosted in this unique stadium. The tournament is set to start at 6 pm local time, or 9 am UK time. You can catch it live via the ITV Hub app or even on their website. 


You have explored all wanted to know. You know when the tournament is expected to occur, where and at what time. You also have info regarding how to catch the live match. But before then, think about how you would earn more money from betting, and if you love gaming, it is time you log on your favorite casino to play.