Do you want to go to college on a sports scholarship? Are you wondering where to begin? Well, there are thousands of awards based on different sports you can apply, which amount to millions of dollars. Getting a scholarship according to delicious essays for sale at essayzoo is not as easy, as you have to undergo a vigorous recruiting process. Nonetheless here is a list of the easiest sports to get a scholarship.


If you are a high school student who plays competitive tennis, you have an opportunity of continuing with the sport and while at it earn a paid degree. With over 190,000 high school tennis male athletes and over 200,000 female athletes, you will have to do more than love the game of tennis to win sports scholarship. There is over one billion dollars’ worth of tennis scholarship that can be of benefit to you.

To benefit from any of these programs, maintain an average GPA of 2.3, and pass your ACT. Market yourself through recording your games and sharing the film with schools you wish to attend. Also, you can hire a recruiting service to market your skills to different schools.

With 79:1 chance of a scholarship for males and 48:1 prospect for females, you have to show your talent and interest in the game. Push yourself and enjoy.

Ice hockey

Uniting your love for hockey on the ice and you dream of attending college may result in a sweet deal if you are ready to dedicate yourself to the game. Experts at state that ice hockey scholarships are available for both male and female students. Male students have a 36:1 chance while female athletes have 15:1 chance of getting a scholarship. Different teams with determination search for talented individuals to join them, and this may be your chance.

To qualify for a Division I scholarship, maintain an average GPA, and have a talent for the game. However, you will have to commit your life 100 percent to Ice hockey and in your books and nothing else. In Division II, you will have to maintain average grades and be skilled in the game. Do not sell yourself short; examine all your chances, and go for one that best suits you.


Fencing is another easiest sports scholarship you can get. I know for most students, playing competitive fencing does not seem like something most students imagine they can do mainly to get a scholarship. However, just like other sports, you can get funding all through college through this game.

To win a fencing scholarship like other sports, you have to harness your skills in the game and be persistent. Come up with a unique strategy of playing the game, which will set you apart from others and increase your chances of getting the award.

Check out Division I, II and III schools and find competitive scholarships. In Div I and II, you need to be an advanced player to enjoy high chances of getting an all-expense paid college education. In Div III, there are no full athletic scholarships, but you may get a partial scholarship which may be beneficial to you.


Golf is more and more becoming a competitive sport in college sports both for male and female students, thereby making it among the easiest sports scholarships to get. The prospect of awarding students with an all paid for college education due to their prowess in golf should be a motivation to all golf players. For you to win the school funding, you have to demonstrate high academic excellence through top grades and talent in golf.

Different colleges and universities offer competitive scholarships to outstanding golfers. It is your time to shine by demonstrating your balance between academics and golf.  Even though the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) dominates the golf scholarship program, do a little more research. You will find scholarships funded in private by institutions and private universities.

The offers will range from scholarships for pro golfers, to those looking for golfers who focus on academics and recreational golfers.


The sport of rifle shooting is one of the best sports for scholarships. If you love rifling, you can translate your love for guns into money-making towards your college education. It attracts about forty-seven scholarships for both male and female students when it comes to the NCAA. Nevertheless, since there are no competitive rifle teams, you have to contend with private funding from various organizations.

If you are sure of your skills in shooting a rifle, the National Rifle Association (NRA) should be your first stop. Attend their annual Youth Education Summit, and become eligible for a financial aid amounting to thirty thousand dollars.

If your parents were in law enforcement, you could try applying for the Jeanne E. Bray scholarship. It offers you one thousand dollars each academic semester if your parent died in the line of duty or is retired but a member of NRA.


There is a belief that with the numerous extracurricular activities in the world, not everyone can play sports. However, with the many sports scholarship, it makes this further from the truth. A college education is essential to students. When faced with college fee troubles, do not worry or seek help from experts who write an essay online. Determine which of these sports you are good at, and move towards a college education through sports.

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