Here’s the scenario.

Your 41 years of age, you’ve won the Super Bowl a record six times, your worth roughly $180 million and your idolised as one of the greatest sportsmen of all time.

What do you do?

For most, the answer is simple. Retire off into the sunset of course but not if you’re Tom Brady.

The 3-time NFL MVP enters the final season of his contract in 2019 but it is unlikely to be his final swansong.

Brady has made it clear he is keen to carry on until he is at least 45 but after inspiring a generation and rising to the top, we look at some things Brady could do instead if he did decide to take an early retirement.


A host of English Premier League stars have made it clear they are big NFL fans and none more so than Tottenham’s Harry Kane.

The World Cup golden boot winner jetted off to Atlanta to cheer on the Patriots and especially Brady after expressing his admiration for the American.

The pair share a similar underdog story that inspired Kane to go one to become of the greatest strikers the Premier League has ever seen.

Perhaps there could be a place in the Tottenham squad for Brady as his ability to pick a pass would surely prove useful on the soccer pitch.   


As with all great sportsmen, golf seems to be the go-to game and it is no different for Tom Brady.

Despite spending most of his time out on the NFL pitch, Brady has still managed to get his golf handicap down to around 8 which has certainly impressed the chaps at the PGA and a few professionals too.  

Perhaps a switch from running the risk of getting a sack each Sunday to sinking a few putts could be in store for Brady and there is still plenty of time too for Brady to join the Senior tour.

Travel Presenter

Despite NFL largely sticking solely to the United States (plus the odd trip to the UK and Mexico), Brady has expressed a love of travel.

Who couldn’t picture Brady fronting a travel show depicting the highlights of Egypt or the chilly shores of Norway?

After all, he has spent much of his career in front of the camera so would no doubt a natural choice to show off the delights of the world for all to see.

Film Critic

A lot of Brady’s downtime is spent watching a film in the #chillzone.

Rest is a vital part of the preparation of a professional athlete and there are few better ways to relax than sticking a good movie on as Brady can testify.

Upon retirement it would make complete sense for Brady to step into the world of cinema and become a professional critic with his hours and hours of experience.

So, there we have it, four viable career choices for New England Patriots quarter-back Tom Brady when he eventually decides to hang up his gloves and all are a lot safer too.