Sports of all kinds are extremely popular all over the world. Some countries have their own unique sports, but there are others which are played everywhere. These are among the most popular sports of all time. Here are just some of the sports which are most popular right now no matter where you travel.


Some people think that golf is incredibly boring, but those who play find it a wonderful way to socialize, network and get fit at the same time. Around 60 million people across the globe play golf competitively every year, and since it’s something that you can play alone or with friends, it’s a great choice, especially with players in South Africa, the USA, the UK, Japan and Korea.


Exceptionally popular in the USA, baseball is spreading in popularity all over the world. At its professional level, this sport is an especially high-paying one, and the biggest name players reach exceptional heights of fame. Around 500 million people all over the world consider themselves to be baseball fans, with the top rated baseball leagues being the MLB and the Nippon League.


Another popular sport around the world is basketball, with around 450 million people across the globe choosing to play this sport. Invented in the late 19th century in the USA, this sport has rapidly grown to fame and now there are over 800 million people who call themselves basketball fans. The NBA is the biggest basketball league but many people choose to play in their own back yards. It’s a game that’s easy to enjoy as a hobby with friends thanks to the wide availability of play equipment such as in-ground basketball hoops. View this guide to tell you how to choose the right ones for you so you can start playing!


Tennis has a long and illustrious history which has led to it becoming one of the world’s most popular sports. First played in the Olympics as far back as the mid 19th century, tennis is governed by the International Tennis Federation and, as of today, it currently has over 1 billion worldwide fans. Popular with both men and women, this game is played at the highest level at competitions like Wimbledon and the four Grand Slam tournaments.


Especially popular in Europe, soccer is rapidly rising in popularity all over the world with over 4 billion fans as of this year. Known as “the beautiful game” amongst fans of the sport, it is especially popular in countries such as the UK, France, Spain and Germany as well as in Latin countries like Argentina and Brazil. The FIFA World Cup is the biggest competition in this sport and it is also one of the most watched tournaments of any type of sporting event. Some of the biggest clubs and competitions are household names. Who hasn’t heard of the Premier League or the Bundesliga? And who doesn’t know the name Manchester United? And as for the stars of the sport – who hasn’t heard of Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi?


There are two types of hockey – field hockey and ice hockey. Both are incredibly popular. Ice hockey is the national sport of Canada, which makes sense due to the colder climate. However, both forms of hockey are played around the world. Both forms of hockey are also quite dangerous sports, and a lot of protective gear is required when playing. Despite this, most schools include at least field hockey on its sporting curriculum and young people everywhere have a love of this rather aggressive contact sport.

So, there you have it, six of the most popular sports around the world. Although there are lots of other sports which are very popular too such as boxing, motor racing, cycling, swimming and athletics, these six are the biggest and best known right across the globe. All of the above sports are also accessible to everyone, whether professional or amateur, so if you’re keen to give any one of them a try as a participant rather than as simply a spectator, you can easily find options in your local area to have a go. You could be on your way to a professional sporting career!