Is Tom Brady getting a new deal soon?

Tom Brady is entering his 20th season in the NFL, and in a Patriots uniform. His contract with the Patriots ends after the 2019 season and they are completely hush about it. They don’t want to talk about contracts because it can be a distraction. Brady is a very underpaid quarterback in the league and has always taken pay cuts so the Patriots can put money in other places. You will never see that from a player again. As he turns 42 in August, you have to assume the 45 range for Brady would mean a three-year contract.

Brady should get a nice contract to close out his career

Brady got the biggest ovation today as training camp started for the Patriots. Fans gathered to watch the Super Bowl champs take the field, but most of all it’s TB12. Brady has a huge impact on the fan base and organization in general, he’s done a lot for 20 seasons.

Brady’s deal should be at three years and $25 million per season. That puts him there with Drew Brees, Russell Wilson. He won’t get higher than Jimmy Garoppolo, who’s making $27.5 million, because at Brady’s age that would be stupid to pay him that much. There’s also no doubt he will finish his career with the Patriots. There’s no way Kraft will let him go anywhere else anyway.

You will never see a player take less to stay with a team as Brady has. A lot of the players only care about the money. They say they care about winning but don’t show it. Brady is the total opposite, and cares more about winning and Super Bowls than almost anything else. He does deserve a raise after winning his sixth Super Bowl title, and really deserves to go out on top. A three-year deal worth $25 million is perfect to see him hang it up at 45.