Boston is passionate and unrestrained when it comes to what its citizens love. For instance, sports is adored here. Baseball, football, hockey, basketball, rowing, marathon – citizens are interested in it all. In addition, a lot of us would like to do sports themselves. But what are the appropriate places for it? The thing is, there are many fields and parks where you can do sports in Boston. If you want to play tennis, baseball, basketball or football, many places can be visited throughout the city to do it. Stay active, play sports, and have fun!

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So, here are the Boston places where you can do sports: 

  1. Boston Common

Boston Common is a 50-acre park located in downtown Boston. This green space has something for all fitness enthusiasts. There are baseball fields, tennis courts, and outdoor frisbee or soccer throw fields. In winter, the park also has ice skating in the Frog Pond.

Adress: Boston Common, 139 Tremont St, Boston, MA, USA.

 Phone number: +1 617 635 4505

  1. Langone Park

Langone Park is a seafront park located in the North End area of Boston. This park has a picturesque basketball court, baseball court, playground, and bocce. There is a tennis court located in a block along the coastline. And you also have a chance to swim in an outdoor pool in the summer months. There is Steriti Rink nearby, offering public skating and hockey tournaments.

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Adress: Langone Park, Commercial Street, Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Phone number: +1 617 626 1250

  1. Esplanade

The Charles River Esplanade of Boston has many treadmills and outdoor sports fields. There is a baseball field – also used for football, as well as a playground for children. You will also find an adult playground with stretching equipment.

Adress: Charles River Esplanade, Boston, MA 02116, Massachusetts, USA 

Phone number: +1 617 227 0365

  1. Cutillo Park

Located at the north end of the city, Cutillo Park Hotel has a basketball court and a children’s playground. Close to the city center, it is an ideal place where visitors can come and roll their hoops. And, what is fascinating, the park looks absolutely stunning with fall foliage!

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Adress: Cutillo Park, Boston, MA 02113 Massachusetts, USA


  1. Titus Sparrow Park

Titus Sparrow Park is a regional green space located at the southern end of Boston. The park has tennis courts, basketball courts, as well as gardens and seasonal events. There also is a playground. The Boston November project, a free fitness movement that was born in Boston but has spread all over the country, sometimes has trainings here.

Adress: Titus Sparrow Park, 200 W Newton St, Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Phone number: +1 617 635 7275

To sum up…

The best Boston places for you to do sports and play your favorite games are Boston Common, Langone Park, Esplanade, Cutillo Park, and Titus Sparrow Park.