For sports bettors, watching the game on the TV is actually better than visiting the stadium. The need to have all the angles covered makes the question of which Boston casinos show televised sports events rather important.

Bostonians will notice that the question is rather silly as technically there is only one full-fledged casino in Boston. But, if we are to include all of the sports bars and smaller betting rooms this list could be expanded.

Generally, there are three ways where those residing in Massachusetts can simultaneously bet on sports and watch the game:

  1. Casino Resorts
  2. Sports Bars
  3. Online

And the last one is quickly becoming the most popular. Although the map of casinos in Boston according to will show only a single hit, with a racino stationed nearby in Plainville, online bets are being made all over the city.

Still, there is something extra when you are watching the game in an extravagant leisure casino such as the Encore Boston Harbor. This is a true Vegas-style establishment, with all the bells and whistles that come with that title.

Advantages of Televised Sports Events

Televised sports events, especially now when they are streamed online, have a long list of advantages over going to the arena or stadium in person. This was the case even when we were free to visit every venue at will.

Primarily, there is the cost and convenience of watching games. You can be lounging in the EBH casino and watching a game played across the country in real-time. And if you want some NBA news, you can get it both on the transmission and on your handheld.

For bettors and those who indulge in Daily Fantasy Sports, this means following the stats and even multiple games at the same time. While this may be, in a sense, possible when watching live as well, you will never have as good of a view as you would on the TV.

There is something to be said about courtside seats, but if you have such an opportunity it would be really silly to watch more games at the same time.

Technically Only One Option

The Encore Boston Harbor casino can easily be called the best casino in all of Boston. Especially due to the fact that it is, technically, the only casino in the city.

That doesn’t mean that it is bad by any metric, as the EBH is a luxurious Las Vegas casino with the only exception being that it is on the East Coast. Still, it has all of the amenities and shows that you might expect to see in Nevada.

And, it offers a constant stream of sports games that you can watch and bet on in real-time. There are even options to bet instantly in the middle of the game for a 1/1.5 bet if you believe that something is just about to happen before the end.

Such live betting is only possible in person, and it is one of the advantages this experience would have from watching the game on your home TV and betting online.

The Encore Boston Harbor in Everett

This locale is not just a casino, it is also a huge hotel with magnificent rooms. For those who want to spoil themselves, there is every luxury available. And, it also has a distinct Las Vegas feel, both with the interior design of the rooms and the gambling floor.

For first-time visitors, especially those coming from the West Coast, the best option is to take the premier harbor view room that will make a contrast between the warm earthly and beige room with the blue and often gloomy view of the Boston Harbor.

Apart from gambling and betting, the EBH also offers wellness programs and other ways to stave off anxiety and stress, including sports and shows.

Sports Bars and Online Options

With online gambling platforms gaining popularity, there is an argument to be made that every single pocket is a casino where you can watch televised games. You can both follow the game and place a bet from the same device you use to check up on grandma.

Since the Encore was closed for several months in 2020, most sports fans and bettors used this time to learn about what the internet can offer and where the best games are.

Additionally, there are always sports bars that offer either gambling or constant broadcast of games all over the nation and the world. These venues are not as opulent as a casino, and they can get a bit crowded, but they have their own charm.

Sports viewing and sports betting is a long-held Bostonian tradition and the public can get rather fired up about their teams. And while this sounds as if you should avoid crowds, it is rather the very thing why you might want to try watching the game from a casino or a bar rather than at home.